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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Prarthana Karyakram Aayojan Materials PDF

Prarthana Karyakram Aayojan Materials PDF

The entire human race may be oblivious to the exact commencement of prayer and whether or not we actually try to reach any spiritual force in that way, in the absence of proof of the activity’s establishment, but scientists have not completely ruled out on its ineffectualness or even potential.
Research has thrown hints on what makes prayer measurably useful to human beings, especially in the present era where whims and impulsiveness come at the cost of mental peace.

Prarthana Karyakram Aayojan

Prayer is a kind of behavior that is often allied with religion and can be advantageous if practiced in school assemblies.

Prayer is meditation in disguise. Meditation is the best thing to happen if practiced by students. Praying doesn’t necessarily mean calling out to God but it can be perceived as reaching out to each individual’s faith. When that becomes sincere, what comes next is optimism. When students pray before starting their day it is necessary they look forward to the day. A few minutes of prayer can bring that sort of energy which helps people contemplate life and balance what comes forth. Students are constantly under pressure and their young minds need to deal with it positively. Praying in silence helps to gain the confidence to deal with any negativity of life.

Being thankful is equally important. Praying gives a few moments’ of silence to students for appreciating the good things in life. A sense of gratitude is important because we need to remember that life comes with a lot of surprises and its unpredictability is its truest essence. When situations are not in our favour we tend to easily adopt a scathing attitude to life. This is unhealthy for our mental balance. Understanding that problems are doors to only the good things are what make us wise and being grateful for that is a sign of wisdom.

Prayer is a way to calm the mind. Human beings have tendencies to be impulsive. And students are more imprudent due to lack of maturity. The way one handles a crisis talks a lot about a person. Praying is that form of meditation that helps students gather up for every adventure they’re going to take up, have the persistence to rationalize before plunging into a decision and stop themselves from harming someone. In short, prayer is a guide in disguise for students who go through a lot each day.

આજનું પ્રાર્થના સંમેલન 06-02-2023

Focus and concentration is the most vital outcome of prayer. Standing straight, folding hands, joined feet and closed eyes – everyone aligned to one rhythm – this is the greatest form of concentration. In a whole day of millions of thoughts crossing our minds and the on and off juggling of emotions are a way lot harmful than we imagine. Hence trying to invest our thoughts into discrete thinking is the best way to cool the nerves and uphold normalcy in life.

Obviously when these are the best things that prayer or meditation bring, we have room for becoming a better version of ourselves. In today’s world of madness and instability, a slight sense of tolerance, confidence and forgiving attitude is not bad a picture.
A child’s base is first established when s/he is a student and summoning them towards this way of life is only confirming they grow up as good human beings.

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