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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Surprising Causes of DVT

 Being an Athlete

New research suggests that athletes, mainly those who do endurance events such as marathons, could get clots more often. They're more likely to obtain dehydrated or injured. They may travel a far. DVT symptoms are easy to mistake for sports-related matters. Call your doctor if you notice a swelling, unexpected bruises, or a stabbing "Charley horse" pain in your arm, leg, or mainly your chest.


Bed rest before or after any type  of surgery slows the flow of blood around your body. Major surgery including your abdomen, pelvis, hips, or legs increases the risk for DVT since large veins will be injured during your operation. Before surgery, talk to a your doctor. You may require to take a blood-thinning medication to aid lower your chances of a clot. After your surgery, get up and moving as soon as a you're able.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

When you have an IBS, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or another bowel disease, you may have double or also triple the normal risk for blood clots. People with these situations are more likely to be dehydrated, go on bed rest, or require surgery. The inflammation that causes bowel illness may be connected to blood clots as well.

Low Vitamin D

Researchers in one little study found that the vitamin D levels of 82 people who had DVT with no known cause were less than the 85 people who had never had a DVT. Adults require 600 to 800 IU of the vitamin per day. You can obtain it from salmon, tuna, cheese, and egg yolks. Or spend up to 30 minutes in the sun 2 times a week. You can have a your vitamin D level checked with a blood test.


Tumors can cause tissue damage and release chemicals that trigger a clotting. Cancers of the brain, colon, lung, kidney, ovary, pancreas, and stomach have the highest rates of the DVT. Clots are a common side effect of a lymphomas, leukemia, and liver cancer. Some kinds  of chemotherapy even make clots more likely. During chemo, wear compression a stockings and stay as active as possible.

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