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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

some party tips: which will make you smart in front of others

1. Utilize Small Bowls or Mugs
 for Soup

Use small bowls or mugs for Soup to encourage the sampling of different soup flavors. It will be enjoy for the guests to be able to sample them and go back for more of their beloved ones.

2. Label on The Soup

Utilize cute tent cards to label what each soup is. On one side write the name of the soup and on the another the ingredients in case you have guests with a food allergies.

3. Serve A Variety of a Soup Toppings

Soups are tasty without extra toppings, but since this is a party, go nuts with a toppings.

Soup Topping Ideas:

  • a green onions
  • a tiny crackers
  • shredded cheese: a cheddar, Parmesan, mozzarella
  • herbs: a chives, parsley, cilantro, thyme, dill
  • a sour cream
  • a croutons
  • a crumbled tortilla chips
  • a bacon pieces
  • toasted, a chopped almonds
  • a toasted pumpkin seeds
  • a salsa
  • a warm sauce
  • a red-wine vinegar
  • a toasted coconut

4. Don’t Forget The Bread

Soup and a bread, bread and a soup. Can’t have one without an other.Now is the time to show off a your bread-baking skills or swing by the bakery to a pick up few freshly baked bread.

What goes good with bread besides soup? Butter, of course! If I could only pick 2 things to eat and get every my nutrients from them, it would be a bread and butter.

5. Finger Foods

Place fun finger foods on a table for the guests to snack on. They would even work as appetizers.

a cheese
a grapes
a carrots
a pickles
an olives
a crackers
a chips
a popcorn

6. End the Meal With yummy Desserts

What would be a cozier finish to the meal than a cup of warm chocolate with a cookies.

But if you wish to continue with the soup theme, you could a serve fruit soup!

7. Send the Guests Home With a Leftover Soup

Unless you wish to eat soup for a some days, you should pack it and send it with the guests to eat for a lunch the next day.

Perhaps this trick should be tip number one, but here it is, last but not least.

8. Make It the Potluck

Ask the guests to bring their beloved soup to the party, home prepared  or straight from the store. You should have a sign-up sheet, so you don’t end up with many pots of the same type of soup.

9. Soup Party Invitations

Soup’s On! Yes, it is, and this potluck will be yummy! Have a look at this joy soup party invitation.

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