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Monday, November 7, 2022

'Queer' medical myths we subscribe to


You use only 10 % of your brain

Different kinds of brain-imaging confirm that no area of the brain is ever totally silent or inactive. Much more than 10 % of the brain is busy at work virtually all the time.

Pull out a grey hair and 2 more grow in its place

The truth is your grey hair will multiply as time goes on, but plucking them out can’t cause a more to sprout. Every hair grows out of a single follicle. This means that pulling one hair out is never going to make 2 hairs grow out of that one follicle.

Reading in the dark is bad for your eyesight

Reading in the dark doesn’t ruin a your sight, but reading in dim light may cause a temporary eye strain.

Flu vaccines can offer you the flu

The flu jab utilizes a dead virus to save you from influenza. Dead viruses cannot create you ill. Dead viruses cannot be resurrected to cause an infections. That’s due to they are dead.

Women who are breastfeeding can drink an alcohol

Many medical studies testing the effect of alcohol on breast milk have described that it actually concentrates in breast milk and can pass directly to the baby during feeding times.

Shaved hair will grow back thicker

Clinical trials show that shaving has no effect on a hair growth. When you slice off the hair, it leaves a sharp end. Because these shaved hairs lack the tapered look of unshaven hair, it appears that the hair itself is thicker. The hair may also have a rougher feel because of that sharp edge.

You lose most heat through your head

This myth originated in a study 50 years ago when scientists put subjects in Arcticsurvival suits (without hats) and measured their heat loss in extremely cold temperatures. Since the only part of their bodies that were exposed to the cold was the head, that’s the part of the body from which they lost the most heat. Put away those monkey caps.

You swallow eight mosquitoes a year

It is virtually impossible for people to swallow so many mosquitoes, no matter how abundant the insect might be. Not everyone sleeps with their mouth wide open and anyway experts say mosquitoes flee from gaping mouths.

Hair and fingernails grow after you die

This is just an optical illusion. After you die, skin dries out and shrinks — it’s this retracting of the skin around the hair and nails that make them look longer or more prominent.

You can cure a hangover with... aspirin and bananas to toast and coffee, a litre of water. You may hear endless remedies from friends to prevent or treat hangovers. But no scientific evidence supports any cure or effective prevention. You just have to suffer this one through.

"" સંપૂર્ણ વિગતો ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો ""

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