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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Exciting ways to make water interesting


 Add a healthy dose of a cucumber to your water

Several day spas and salons advocate green cucumber mixed with water for a refreshing beverage. Easily add a pinch of salt, lemon and 2 to 3 slices of cucumber and your refreshing healthy water drink is ready. A current study conducted on cucumber found that the scent of it can aid in increasing women's libido. Good news all around, we think!

Tea break

You can go for any type of tea to enjoy the multilayered health advantages of tea. It is a known fact that black tea includes flavonoids and catechist. Various studies have claimed that black tea has cancer fighting properties and increases  cardiovascular health. On the other hand, if you prefer green tea over black tea then you have the fat-burning polyphenols to a look forward to. Moreover, ginger tea can smooth your stomach and aid in dealing with arthritic pain.

Here’s a easy way of making herbal tea at home: Just add a wee bit powder of a fresh thinly sliced ginger (or just a 1'' piece of fresh ginger) along with a dash of a mint leaves and lemongrass to the boiling water. Or you can easily try and experiment the floral method here. Try going for rose or lavender leaves which are full of necessary health nutrients like  Vitamin C while keeping arthritis pain at bay.

Utilize ample water in broth

Make vegetable or a chicken broth or a light clear soup. Broth acts as a great hydra tor by giving you with all the health ingredients like  protein from the chicken and vitamins and minerals from the vegetables.

Fruit up your water

We all have tried a lime and lemon. How about adding few seasonal fruits to your boring glass of water? Go for in-season produce of a berries, mango, oranges or pineapple. This will not only add the much the required  flavor to your water but will provide you a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants which is found aplenty in the fruits.

Health Me Up’s Innovative Water Treat: How about getting all creative with your water and preparing fruit cubes? Well... try it! It can be made in a jiffy and is healthy too. Just drop pieces of any of your liked fruit into the ice tray, cover with water, and see how the flavor gets released in the water. Utilize as regular cubes in glasses of water, juices, or cocktails.

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