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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Is walking good for weight loss?


Before you contain walking in your fitness regime, it's vital to know how effective it will be. Of course, walking aids in digesting food, keeps you active and energetic. But if it's for losing weight, then you must keep these things in the mind.

Its intensity: If you are a slow walker, then shedding additional kilos might take time. But if you are relaxing with walking at a higher pace, then prefer brisk walking. Following this practice will aid in weight loss. It goes without saying that more you walk, the more calories you will burn, resulting in a losing weight.

Wear the right shoes: Walk with relaxing shoes. Your walking shoes should have a flexible soles. They should be a cushioned and lightweight too.

Change your walking pace: Studies have shown that walking at varying pace can aid in burning up to 20 per cent more calories. So, instead of steady pace, vary your walking speed.

Keep it balanced: If you are new to weight loss bandwagon, then it's vital to keep a balance. First, start walking and andante, move to a brisk walk. This way you will not shock your body and could protect your muscles from soreness.

Accompany with exercise: Once you begin to lose weight, add basic exercises like upper body pulls and squats. This way you will keep your body toned and will detain yourself from gaining weight. Add these exercises with your walking routine and you will watch a tremendous loss in weight.

Healthy diet: What's the point of all the physical effort if you are not seeing what you are eating? A healthy diet is a vital as any work out regime. Eat neat and healthy and stay fit.

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