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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Diet plan as per your blood type


Here we have mentioned what you should eat depending on your blood kind.

For type O blood: 

For O blood kind, your diet should be protein enriched. You could eat a poultry, fish, lean meat, vegetables, grains, dairy products and beans. Eat a green leafy vegetables. People with O blood type might face stomach related matters; hence they should consult a health expert if hassles persists.

For type A blood: 

People with A blood group generally have a sensitive immune system. Hence, it is recommended to ignore meat based foods and rely on organic foods. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and beans and whole grains. The fresh and healthy foods will aid in improving your immunity.

For type B blood: 

Again for this category, green vegetables, eggs and low-fat dairy is a recommended. People who have B blood group should ignore eating corns, lentils, tomatoes, buckwheat, peanuts and sesame seeds. As type B blood people have poor metabolism, these foods could affect the metabolic procedure. This may result in fatigue, hypoglycemia (a grave drop in blood sugar after eating a meal) and fluid retention.

For type AB blood: 

This is the blood group that should focus on the eating tofu, green vegetables, seafood and dairy products. People with AB blood group tend to have a low stomach acid. Hence, should refrain from a caffeine, smoking, alcohol and cured meats.

Get your blood type examined today

Based on the kind of food you should eat, you must be aware of your blood type. This will aid in preventing certain diseases and eating the right food would aid you getting in the right shape. If you have been eating incorrect foods, restrict your diet and eat healthy.

How useful is it?

There was a study done on the adults who changed their diet as per their blood type. It showed tremendous development in their health. But again in 2013, a study disclosed that there is no evidence in support of benefits that you might get by eating as per  your blood type. It showed weight loss as you restrict your diet to a definite amount of healthy foods.

What else is vital?

Moreover eating clean, you must focus on exercise. You would stay a healthy, active and more energetic. This will even result in losing unhealthy fat, maintaining a healthy weight and detaining muscle loss. Exercising along with clean eating detains muscle loss, improves blood flow in the body system, maintains healthy levels of testosterone levels and will increase your body's ability to eradicate excess estrogen.


Be it any blood type, ignore simple carbs and processed foods. Do not binge eat and also on your cheat days, eat in moderation. Eliminating sugar and relying on natural sugar (such as in fruits) is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Along with this, have a sound sleep. Dehydration should be ignored as it could direct to fatigue and many other health issues.

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