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Friday, October 21, 2022

4 Easy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks To Try This Diwali


Natural Cleaners/ Bio Enzymes

Home cleaning products, such as detergents and liquid cleaners, etc., found at stores, include toxic and harmful chemicals which have destructive environmental consequences. Bio Enzymes are the perfect way to manage home cleaning requires and are practically free as it utilizes up basic citrus waste found at house. Create a mixture of citrus fruit peel, brown sugar/jaggery, yeast and water in a container then leave it for a month, drain the liquid and its ready to utilize.

For an fastest solution to greasy steel surfaces, mix baking soda with lime drops and scrub. Alternatives such as adding vinegar to a solution with soaked citrus peels even work wonders for tough greasy surfaces. These solutions are simple on hands and do not harm nature in any way and clean well.

Utilize Cloth Dusters

Before plastic cleaners came into the market, and in our regular cleaning routines, the cloth was a solution to all surface cleaning requirements. Go back to wet or dry cloth dusters instead of utilizing paper tissues or napkins. Make utilize of those cloth rags and turn them into duster; this decreases the major carbon footprint that goes into produces tons of garments every year. They can be cleaned simply and reused for a longer time and are completely pocket-friendly as compared to buying paper rolls all month.

 Coir  Scrubs 

Chemical and plastic laden synthetic scrubs and cleaners are one of the biggest sources of micro-plastic pollution in the air and water. They can cause scratches or be injuring on sensitive surfaces like non-stick pans etc. Coconut coir scrubs, on the other hand, are not only biodegradable and eco-friendly but are even appropriate for effective cleaning on all types of surfaces; they are scratch-free, safe for your hands, non-toxic, naturally antimicrobial, non-absorbent and low-maintenance.

Up cycle The Clutter

De-cluttering is a  vital part of cleaning. And a lot of people tend to equate this to 'discarding' un-used materials, which after all finds its way to landfills and add to the waste load. Instead, look out for NGO's and organisations that are into re-cycling and up-cycling plastic and the other wastes. Look at making up-cycled art decorations for home, such as plastic bottles can be utilized for making self-watering plant pots or glass bottles can be used to make lights and lamp decors etc. 

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