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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Top Laptop Brands in India

 Top Laptop Brands in India

There was a time when personal computers, or rather laptops, were considered far from a common man's reach in India; however, over the past five to six years, PCs and laptops have become as common as TVs in India. Unlike TV sets or desktops, laptops give their owner and operator a much-needed company. Laptops are loaded with several helpful features and look beautiful too. In recent years, the laptop segment of computers has surpassed desktop sales. However, the sales of personal computers, including laptops, have dropped unexpectedly in the calendar year of 2014. According to the market research done by International Data Corporation (IDC), a dip in sales up to 16.5 per cent was registered as far as the sales of personal computers in India are concerned. Around 9.6 million personal computers were sold in India during 2014. The revenue generated through personal computers’ sales saw a negative growth of -0.4 percent as compared to that of 2013. Big corporate houses and business entities bought only 4.7 million units at a staggering -29.6 per cent growth rate and the government and state education establishment showed little interest in buying computers. This is being seen as a result of revolutionary growth in demand for smartphones and tablets in recent times.

Current Scenario of Laptop Industry in India

Although there has been a considerable drop in the sales of personal computers to non-consumer establishments, positive growth of 1.7 per cent was recorded in personal computer sales with 4.9 million units being sold to consumers in 2014. There is still healthy competition in the laptop market in India, with several brands floating everywhere to win over the consumers. HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Samsung are some of the best, most popular and most widely sold brands in India. During the first quarter of the financial year 2021, 3.1 million laptops were shipped here. The growth streak now stands at 73.1%.

List of Top (Leading) Brands in India

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Hewlett-PackardHP has the highest number of buyers when it comes to the laptop segment in India. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a multinational IT company based in California, U.S.A. that was founded in 1939. HP brings laptops with the latest technology and offers great features right from the outset. This has helped the company spread its wings across the world. HP is operational in over 150 countries with India being one of its biggest markets. HP Pavilion Notebook is the best-selling variant of HP laptops. HP accounted for around 25.6 per cent of the total laptop sales in India during 2014. HP laptops hold a 28.2% market share in the laptop industry.

Here are some of the HP variants widely sold:

HP Pavilion dv2z

HP Pavilion dv7

HP Pavilion dv9700t

HP Pavilion TX1000

HP Pavilion x360

HP 520 Notebook

HP Envy

Inspiron 14

Inspiron 15


DELLDell is famous for its style, performance and features and hence has achieved celebratory status among PC users. Founded in 1984, Dell is also a U.S. multinational IT major. Dell’s headquarters is situated in Round Rock in Texas. Currently, the 31-year-old company Dell operates in 70 countries worldwide. Dell Inspiron is the most widely sold variant of Dell, constituting the biggest share of Dell computers’ sales in India. In 2014, Dell had around 22.10 per cent of the market share in India. Dell laptops hold a 21.3% market share in the laptop industry.

Some of the Dell variants are as follows:

Dell Inspiron

Dell Vostro

Dell Ultrabook

Dell XPS

Vostro 15 3501

Vostro 15 3500


Apple Apple is certainly one of the best and most popular brands in the world. In India, it is best recognised for its hardware consumer products. Personal computers, sold as MacBook, are Apple's flagship segment. Performance, features, elegance and technology aptly define an Apple computer. Apple or Apple Inc. was established by Steve Jobs in 1976 and has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, U.S.A. Apple has an enviable presence in 90 countries around the world. Some of the Apple laptop/computers variants are as follows:

Apple Mac Book

Apple Mac Book Air

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple Mac Mini

Apple iMac

Apple Mac Pro


Vaio Vaio was, till February 2014, a subsidiary of the Japanese multinational major Sony. The original owner of Vaio, Sony, sold its 95 per cent stake to a Japanese investment company Japan Industrial Partners in 2014. Vaio came into existence in 1996.

Here are some of its models:

Vaio Flip Series

Vaio Ultra Book P13/11

Vaio Sonic F15

Vaio F15A/14A

Vaio F14


Dumbfounded in 1984, Lenovo is a Chinese tech stalwart. Lenovo is developing, manufacturing and selling a wide range of laptops in more than 60 countries across the globe. The Y series of Lenovo laptops are specifically made for gamers and provides a lifelike gaming experience. The Lenovo Y series laptops share a big pie in the Indian gaming laptop market. Lenovo laptops hold a 21.7% market share in the laptop industry.

Some of the most preferred Lenovo laptops are as follows:

Lenovo Y Series

Lenovo Yoga Series

Lenovo Z Series

Lenovo Flex Series

Lenovo S Series

Lenovo G Series

Lenovo Think Pad W Series

Lenovo Think Pad Edge Series


Samsung Samsung is one of the world's biggest companies dealing in consumer electronics. Although smartphones are its flagship segment, Samsung has been able to make quite a mark in the laptop segment as well. The South Korean tech giant Samsung was founded in 1969 but started manufacturing consumer electronics in 1988. Samsung's headquarters is situated in Suwon, South Korea. Some of the famous Samsung laptops are as follows:

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

Samsung N130

Samsung NC10


AsusAsus offers high-class laptops with great features, technology and performance at affordable prices. Asus is a Taiwanese multinational company that was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. In two and a half decades, Asus has achieved quite a reckoning in the world electronic market. Asus laptops hold a 7.5% market share in the laptop industry.

Some of the Asus models are mentioned below:

Asus Overbook S200E

Asus X551CA

Asus N55L

Asus ROG G750JX


Ace Racer is another Taiwanese consumer electronics player that has achieved substantial ground in the world market today. It was founded in 1976 but entered the Indian market only in the late 1990s. Acer Inc. is headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan. Acer enjoys a healthy and competitive space in the Indian laptop market. Strong and long battery backup, quality sound and nice thin screen display make Acer laptops one of the most sought-after gadgets. Acer laptops hold a 9.5% market share in the laptop industry.

Some of the best known Acer laptops are mentioned below:

Acer Aspire E

Acre Aspire S

Acer Aspire R

Acer Aspire Chromebook


Toshiba Toshiba is another Japanese tech major that is involved in manufacturing user-friendly consumer electronics including high-performance laptops. Toshiba was founded in 1939 and has its headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Laptops made by Toshiba thrive on good battery life, advanced technology, good features and high performance. Some of the better-known Toshiba laptops are as follows:

Toshiba Satellite

Toshiba Satellite UHD 4K

Toshiba Satellite Pro

Toshiba Portege

Toshiba Tecra


Alienware Alienware, a product of Dell, is the most preferred laptop brand when it comes to gaming. The best hardware, latest technology and high-class features are offered by Alienware but at high prices. Alienware specifically caters to the gamers segment of the laptop users, thus it delivers in accordance to the expectations of the customers' demanding superb gaming experience.

Other Laptop Brands Available in India









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