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Friday, September 9, 2022

Sant Surdas Yojana Gujarat Year 2021


Sant Surdas Yojana Gujarat Year 2021



Sant Surdas Scheme

Gujarat Government and Central Government are implementing new schemes in such a way as to benefit every person of the society keeping in view the various situations. Such as Disability Assistance Scheme, Divyang Assistance Scheme, Old Age Assistance Scheme and Widow Pension Scheme. By taking advantage of all these schemes run by the government, the life of the young children, elders and elderly people of the society becomes easier. Recently a new scheme has been released by the government. The name of this scheme is Sant Surdas Yojana This scheme is released by the Government of Gujarat. More information about Sant Surdas Yojana is given in the following paragraphs.


Sant Surdas Scheme Eligibility

Eligibility for Sant Surdas Yojana has been determined by the Department of E-Social Welfare, Government of Gujarat. All the eligibility regarding this scheme are as follows.


A person with 80% or more disability can benefit from this scheme.

A disabled person between 0 to 17 years is eligible for the benefit

In rural areas, those with a score of 0 to 20 in the BPL list are eligible for the benefit.

Accessible to disabled persons of Gujarat living below poverty line in urban areas.


Sant Surdas Yojana Required Documents

The list of documents for Sant Surdas Yojana has been released by Gujarat Social Justice and Empowerment Department. Which are as follows.


·        Copy of Disability Identity Card

·        Disability Certificate from Civil Surgeon

·        Proof of Residence (Ration Card / Election Card / Driving License etc.)

·        Proof of Age (L.C / Birth Certificate Any One)

·        Sample of Gram Panchayat of BPL score of 0 to 20 for rural area / any one of the Golden Jubilee Card

·        Copy of Bank Passbook

·        Aadhar card


Amount of Sant Surdas Yojana Assistance

Under the Sant Surdas Yojana, a monthly pension of Rs.600/- (Rupees Six Hundred) is given to the disabled beneficiaries residing in the state of Gujarat. This assistance is credited to the beneficiary's bank account through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer).


Sant Surdas Scheme Application

Online form filling service is provided for Sant Surdas Yojana so that citizens do not have to visit government offices frequently. Application for financial assistance for disabled under Sant Surdas Yojana can be done online at any social welfare portal. For which the following steps have to be followed.


·        First go to google and type e samaj kalyan portal.

·        Where the website for online application of e Samaj Kalyan has to be opened.

·        If there is a new user on e Samaj Kalyan Portal - New User? Please Register Here-. You have to go and process the register.

·  After the successful registration, the beneficiary has to open his personal page by clicking on -e samaj kalyan citizen login.

·     Schemes will show the caste as indicated by the beneficiary at the time of registration.

· In which Sant Surdas has to go online and complete the application by filling his information.


Benefit as per percentage of disability

Gujarat Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has fixed the percentage of disability to benefit Sant Surdas Yojana of Gujarat Government. The percentage fixed for each disability is as follows.



Rank No. Percentage of disability for disability benefit admissible

  Blindness - 80% or more disability

2 Muscular dystrophy of genetic causes - 80% or more disability

3 Hearing loss -  80% or more disability

4 Chronic neurological condition - 80% or more disability

5 General trauma fatal haemorrhage - 80% or more disability

6 Low vision - 80% or more disability

7 Tremor Muscular rigidity - 80% or more disability

8 Intellectual disability - 80% or more disability

9 Decreased amount of hemoglobin - 80% or more disability

10 Haemophilia - healed with - 80% or more disability

11 Chronic anemia - 80% or more disability

12 Acid attack victims -  80% or more disabled

13 Disability with mobility - 80% or more disability

14  Cerebral palsy - 80% or more disability

15 Dwarfism - 80% or more disability

16 Mental illness - 80% or more disability

17 Multiple Sclerosis-Body Tissues

Hardening disorder - 80% or more disability

18   Special learning disability - 80% or more disability

19 Speech and language impairment - 80% or more

20   Nervous system-neuronal developmental

Impairment in condition - 80% or more

21 Multiple disabilities including deaf blindness - 80% or more



Important Note:

Sant Surdas Scheme Beneficiaries from Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, Ministry of Urban Housing and Poverty Elevation, Government of India, for urban areas, the disabled persons who are included in the list of people living below the BPL poverty line are called 'Sant Surdas'. Benefits of the Scheme' are available.

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