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Monday, September 26, 2022

Gujarati news papers and Gujarati news paper Latest list

Introduction to Gujarati News Media

Gujarati is the 6th most widely spoken language in India and holds an eminent status in India’s rich linguistic heritage. With a history dating back to the 1100 AD, Gujarati speakers comprise of more than 4.5% of India’s total population. Interestingly, the language acquired mass acceptance as a language of the traders who used it to manage accounts, write professional documents and ultimately, consume business news through early newspapers and magazines.

Gujarati media, particularly newspapers are an essential source of news and articles across Gujarat, UT of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli, city of Mumbai, National Capital Delhi and parts of few other countries.

The first newspaper – role of Parsi community

In early 18th and 19th century, Parsis had a greater role in bringing the publication business to India. Gujarati being the native language of the community benefitted from the revolution that took the written format to the masses.

Founded by Fardunjee Marzban in 1822, Bombayna Samachar, was launched as a weekly paper which was also the first ever newspaper in India. Priced at Rs 2 per month, the publication mostly covered trade & business news and had 150 subscribers.

Similarity, Mumbai Vartman by Naoroji Dorabji Chandaru in 1830, Jam – e – Jamshed by Pestonji Manekji in 1831, Streebodh (first women’s magazine) by Parsi social activist in 1857 were few of the other major publications in the league.

The first ever Gujarati literary institution was founded by British Magistrate Alexander Kinloch Forbes in 1848. The society encouraged several Gujarati books and newspapers. During this time, Vartman (Ahmedabad 1849), Surat Samachar (Surat 1850) and Gujarat Darpan (Ahmedabad 1863) were formed.

Influence of independence movement & The Arrival of Mahatma Gandhi

Starting 1915, the Indian Independence Movement was taken to the streets through Gujarati newspapers. Mahatma Gandhi, who was idolized as the face of the movement introduced the Navjivan Press in 1919 and was renamed to Harijan Bandhu in 1932.

Sandesh, which is one of the most widely read Gujarati newspapers today was a brainchild of the Non Cooperation Movement and was founded by Nandlal Bodiwala in 1923. Similarly, Gujarat Samachar was founded to fuel the ideology of Civil Disobedience and the eventually the Dandi March.

After independence, Amritlal Seth founded the Indian Language Newspapers Association that took over many loss making newspapers while starting new publications such as Vyapar (1948) and KutchMitra(1955) as the leading names.

The MahaGujarat Movement – formation of Gujarat

The MahaGujarat Movement fueled in 1960 and conceived the present day Gujarat (Capital – Ahmedabad) and Maharashtra (Capital – Bombay). This led to many existing newspapers either shifting base from Bombay to Ahmedabad or expanding presence in the native speaking state.

Sandesh and Gujarat Samachar multiplied their circulation and emerged as one of the best newspapers in the newly formed state. In 1978, Akila Daily was started in Rajkot. Arriving early 80s, this was also the time for the language to go global with Pradyumna Mehta publishing the Hindustan Patrika in Chicago followed by Gujarat Vartaman, Gujarati Samachar and many more.

:::::-IMPORTANT LINK.-::::::
1.Gujrat samachar e-Paper
2.Divya Bhaskar
4.Sandesh e-Paper
5.Bombay Samachar
8.Jamnagar Jai Hind
9.Gujarat Mitra
11.Economic Times
12.Nav Gujarat Samay
12.Nav Gujarat Samay-epaper
14.Aaj Kaal
15.Gujarat Today
16.Sardar Gurjari
17.Kutch Mitra
18.Aankho Dekhi
20.Sanj Samachar
23.Gujarat Darpan
24.Kutch Uda
26.Divya Bhaskare-Paper

Gujarati newspapers have an affluent history spanning over 150 years. The following newspapers are extensively read across the world with differences in formats, circulation and niche.

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