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Friday, September 30, 2022

Don’t Let Long Layovers Ruin Your Travel Plans

Don’t Let Long Layovers Ruin Your Travel Plans

Conduct a Your Own Food Tour 

You’re possibly starving after the lengthy procedure of checking in your bags and clearing safety lines, so why not conduct your own food tour? Most major airports are house to outposts of famous local restaurants in the city, so this is your opportunity to sample some local food, in case you haven’t already! 

Be Social 

No one love a chatty cathy on the plane, but they sure like them at the airport, mainly at airport bars. You could strike a conversatio with a fellow traveler or a talk to the bored airport staff behind the desk—either way we’re sure you’ll discover someone willing to hear all about your travel conquests so far. And hey, who knows a you might just end up with a free upgrade or a free drink! 

Obtain Lounge Access 

Chilling at lounges is one of the great ways to pass time at airports. Several lounges like Adani Lounge by TFS Performa and International Lounges come with a big buffet and even have a spa facility that you can take if you have a lot of time at hand. 

Moreover, if you’re a frequent traveler, it’d be prudent to check with your bank about the type of cards they give as most cards come with free lounge access. This way you can eat, chill and spend time at lounges with out burning a hole in a your pocket. 

Obtain Comfy 

If you’re heading to an international destination, it would be great to get a shower in the lounge, change into a comfy pair of clothing and obtain your skincare on so that you’re all comfortable and ready to relax in the long flight after. 

Spoil a Yourself 

Most airports have a entire  bunch of stores where you can pick up something for yourself containing eye wear, a book, outfit or you can even buy some last-minute souvenir for your near and dear ones. If you’re travelling international and are shopping from a duty-free, ask to watch if they have the facility to buy now and pick up later. This way you’ll be able to pick up your buy when you arrive and don’t have to carry it all the way.

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