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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Develop your flexibility with these 3 yoga asanas

Develop  your flexibility with these 3 yoga asanas

Here’s how you can perform the three  poses to maintain flexibility:

1. Anjaneyasana (Low lunge pose)

“Increasing flexibility around your shoulders and neck, this pose gives a deep stretch to the hips even supports to open the chest and shoulders,” she suggests in her post.

Here’s how you can a perform this pose:

  • Begin by getting into the download facing dog pose.

  • Now, while exhaling, bring your right leg forward and place it between your arms. Bend your a knee at a 90-degree angle.

  • Help your body by keeping your left knee down on the floor.

  • Keep in mind that your right foot and left knee should be pressing on the floor and your left knee should be a pulling backwards.

  • Inhale and raise your torso upward while lifting your hands and hands above your head with your biceps touching your ears. Create a namaskar gesture with your palms.

  • Bend your head back slightly and a look up.

  • Now, exhale and let your hips a relax.

  • Remain in the pose for a 15 to 30 seconds.

  • To come out of the pose, place your hand back on the ground and obtain back to the position of downward-facing dog pose.

2. Parsvottanasana (Intense side stretch pose)

Malaika said, “As it stretches and lengthens the spine and the back of the legs, it even stimulates digestion. It is a pose that will increase your strength and stability along with flexibility,”  

Here’s how you can perform a this pose:

  • Stand in the mountain pose, breathe in while moving your right leg backwards at a 45-degree angle, and spread the legs a 3 to 4 feet apart.

  • Exhale while settling your a toes and feet.

  • Keep your feet straight without bending your a knees.

  • Now, fold your palms together a behind your back. Keep looking straight and lengthens your a spine.

  • Exhale and tilt your upper body forward but bend only until your back is  a straight and raise your neck slightly to look towards the front.

  • If you’re able to a maintain the pose, hold it for many deep breaths. 

  • Keep your spine a stretched, your legs straight, and remember to breathe continuously.

3. Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

“This asana is an awesome stretching exercise as it supports to improve flexibility in your spine and pelvic region. This pose will support you develop strength and balance too,” she said.

Here’s how you can a perform this pose:

  • a Stand straight and keep your feet apart.

  • Lift your hands and keep them at shoulder level.

  • Place the right leg outwards and keep a your left leg slightly inward. Remember to keep your knees a straight.

  • Tilt your body to the right and try to touch your toes by a pointing your right hand down.

  • You must look in the upward direction while keeping your legs and arms stretched. 

  • Hold the position for five to ten breaths.

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