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Monday, September 12, 2022

7 tips to protect your child against mosquito bites

7 tips to protect your child against mosquito bites

Tips to detain a baby from mosquito bites:

The urge to itch is a real problem after the mosquito bite, which can last for a some  hours or more, making it annoying for the baby and parents. In the case of babies and young kids , it will be hard to stop them from scratching the infected part, and this might direct to deeper scratches, open the bite, and introduce a capacity infection. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the following steps to control and detain the baby from mosquito bites:

1. Ignore sending kids to mosquito dense areas such as water ponds, gardens, and other play areas.

2. Keep mosquitoes and insects away from your home by adequately closing the door and windows.

3. Dress appropriately such as full sleeves tops/shirts and full pants or leggings, and apply an sufficient amount of insect repellent before sending kids outdoors or even staying indoors. You can even  utilize anti-mosquito patches that can be applied on the child’s clothing or even roll-on mosquito repellent on fabrics.

4. Utilize mosquito netting to keep mosquitoes away from kids while sleeping.

5. The doors and windows of the home can have netting fitted to keep mosquitoes out, mainly if you plan to keep windows open in the evening.

6. If eating out, ignore open-air restaurants, especially at night. Head to indoor hotels and restaurants where there is less opportunity of mosquito bites.
7. If your kid is going out, apply insect repellent all over their a face, hands, and legs.

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