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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

What makes Israel a powerful country ?

 What makes  Israel a powerful country ?

 Israel is a small piece of land by the Side of the Mediterranean Sea, which can be known as a land of sand and radiations. Israel has a mixed population of 74.2% Jewish, 17.8% Muslim, 2.0% Christian and 1.6% Druze and the remaining 4.4% contained among religiously unclassified or can be called as Samaritans.

In an international survey published currently , Israel was ranked as 8th most popular nation in the world for the third consecutive year. The main 5 factors which determine the nation to be powerful are a country’s leaders, its economic influence, political influence, strong international alliances, and a strong military. Israel is even known for its innovative minds.

This nation takes a lot of chances which other countries fear to take, is the reason of them being in front of others .

“The country has a small economy, landmarks of significance to many religions and strained relationships with many of its Arab neighbors” as report noted.  

Today Israel is known for its superpowers in high technologies and wish top most weapons to be exported around the world which approximately makes $6.5 billion in annual arm sales.  Israel spends about 4.5% of its GDP for the development of the nation to be specific and almost twice are used for the organization of economic cooperation and development average and about 30% goes for military purposes. 

Israel is the 1st ever country to utilize robots in place of soldiers. The Guardium is a type of new weapon named Unmanned Ground Vehicle or UGVs . It’s a new strategy to utilize robotic military for Defense Force. which can work more efficiently than human soldiers because all it needs is a full of gas tank .

In 1969 Israel was the first nation to ever use ‘Drones’ for defense forces when they flew toy airplanes with cameras attached to them to spy on Egypt. In 1986 Israel given US Navy its first-ever drone known as the pioneer. A few years later ‘Pioneer’ became a part of history while the Gulf War . Israel has given drones in different parts of the world like Russia, South Korea, Australia, etc with 60% of the global market. 

In 1988 Israel issued its first satellite in space. Several countries doubted Israel for developing such a big tech thing on its own. But nearly thirty years since then it has grown into a super-powerful satellite with eight different spies in it for space.

Israel nation made another satellite known as the TecSar. This satellite utilizes a synthetic aperture sensor, basically a radar system that can create high-resolution images just like the same quality as of a camera. One of the most impressive facts about it is that a camera cannot capture pictures through clouds or fog but radars can work in all types of weather conditions.

This keeps a very big benefit in military sources which would help to track the enemies and gather formations about them in any time of the day and even  through any weather circumstances.

In 2000, Israeli air forces created  their first operational Arrow missile battery, the first-ever country with this system that could shoot down incoming enemy missiles on its own. His idea to make the system was born in the mid-1980s after U.S. President Ronald Reagan coined about star war plans and asked America’s allies to partner in developing the system.  Israel is the only nation in the world that has already used missiles in defense systems in times of war. 

Today, the ‘Merkava tank’ is told to be one of the top projects of  Israel. It is told to be one of the most lethal tanks in the world. Though it began in a way of necessity and UK and other countries refused to sell Israel tanks, so they determined to come up with their own. It can go up to the speed 40 mph. 

In addition , Israel has faced constant challenges since 1948, it’s time of establishment. As we all know Jews have historically been the mercy of global superpowers. “Show me 2 Jews and I will show you 3 opinions”. There is an old Jews joke which reflects their culture. So, these are the main causes that Israel became one of the most powerful countries.

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