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Monday, August 29, 2022




About this guide …. Greetings! As you all know, ‘School of Excellence’ program has been implemented in the field of primary education in the state. ‘Nipun Bharat’ (NIPUN BHARAT – National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy) also places special emphasis on the basic skills of students like reading, writing, arithmetic.

You may be familiar with projects like ‘Nipun Bharat’ and ‘School of Excellence’. The ‘School of Excellence’ project is currently being implemented in some schools in the district. While this initiative is to be extended to other schools from time to time, it is natural to expect the schools of Mehsana district to excel under this project.

We all need to work with full dedication and commitment to meet this expectetion and we are moving forward in that direction. Let us be at the forafront of this projact as well and set a goal that can meet all the expectations under it. I am pleased to present to you the ‘FLN Teacher Guide’ specially designed to reach this goal.

This guide has been prepared keeping in view the methodology and learning outcome in Gujarati and Gashchit subject to meet the general expectations of reading, writing, arithmetic. It provides guidelines and measures on how to enrich the current situation by knowing the current state of reading, writing, arithmetic of the students.

This entire literature has been prepared by expert and enthusiastic teachers of Gujarati and Mathematics in Mehsana district. I am happy to say that these teachers have done all this work apart from school hours and also by giving honorarium time without any financial gain or other expectation.


In the future too, these teachers will continue to provide guidance under FLN where and when needed. Shri Hareshbhai Chaudhary from the state level in Gujarati subject and Shri Suchitbhai Prajapati in Galit subject have been getting continuous guidance in this literary creation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. This FLN Teacher’s Guide prepared by the hardworking teachers of the district has been reviewed by GCERT.
This guide has been delivered to you after the necessary corrections. I urge all of you, teacher friends, to play a vital role in making your school stand out by benefiting your students by making proper use of this guide. I have come to the conclusion that the guidelines have been prepared keeping in view the Gods.

You will see that step by step literature in Gujarati subject and step based literature in mathematics subject has been prepared and made available. If you pass all the steps correctly according to the sequence and get the expected result, you will use it properly.

This content will be considered used properly. I am confident that all the best friends of the district will follow this guide with the hope of your and the students’ skills. Dr. Gaurang Vyas District Primary Education Officer, Mehsana

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