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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Employees’s favorite PagarBook business app to manage staff, attendance, salary & payroll

PagarBook is a free employee management, work & salary management app, where you can manage all your staff and employee’s attendance, record the work done by your staff or employees and their salary. Payments, advances and early salary can also be recorded and manage in this app.


Use PagarBook for free as a worker management system or attendance management app. PagarBook attendance manager allows business owners or managers to track the employee’s punch-in & punch-out time. PagarBook is also providing a wireless biometric attendance management solution. It is also a biometric attendance management app, and field employees can mark their attendance by taking selfies as well. Office locations will get verified by geo tracking and GPS tagging facilities.

Best and easiest solution for employee management, PagarBook is also available for computers to use in any browser. No download needed. It’s the ideal app for every businesses, offices, daily labour management, worker management, staff management and any kind of field or remote teams.

Pagar Book enables you to manage staff’s salary and your business accounting in the same app as well through it’s cash book feature. Its salary manager is smart and can automatically calculate the salary, overtime, advance payments and any other spends on employees. Salary calculator is also capable of calculating and can be a payroll manager.

Many industry leaders are using PagarBook to manage their payroll. Overtime calculators and advance payment recorders ensure accurate payout to employees and save money and chaos in business management. In one stop business management solution PagarBook, every business can keep their financial transactions and cash flow records. Accounting and bookkeeping rich features make Pagar Book an ideal and full-fledged solution for any business.

Easiest Employee Management app
  • Manage Staff attendance, verify staff presence in office or on-site location
  • Manage Field Sales agents or remote team by biometric attendance, selfie attendance and GPS tracking
  • Employee can self mark their attendance
  • Auto track punch-in punch-out timing
  • Track total working hours
  • Simplest employee’s salary & payroll management app
  • Calculate employee’s overtime and salary
  • Auto deduct the leave, advance & early payment
  • Calculate payout for pay per task employees
  • Calculate and 1-click payroll process to employees
  • Send salary of all employees at once in just 1-click
  • Easiest payroll manager for android

Manage all cash flow and financial transactions in one app
  • PagarBook makes bookkeeping and accounting easy
  • No need of ancient bahi khata, khata book or pagar khata to manage cash flow and accounts
  • Can see and download cash flow reports or cash books of organisation anytime
  • Easiest accounting app for business to manages billings and bookkeeping
  • Manage employee’s attendance and salary from anywhere on any device
  • PagarBook staff management app is available for every device and platform
  • Ideal for the HR, admins, managers or business owners to manage employees and staffs on payroll
  • Cashbook feature made easy for business owners, admins to manage their employees and staffs


Smart biometric attendance system:
  • PagarBook offers the smartest biometric attendance solution for SMEs
  • Our biometric attendance solution update the data in real-time
  • Platform's cross-device availability let you check your staff's attendance in real-time, without manual effort
  • All setup and installation will be done by PagarBook for free of cost
  • Now can add Managers and Admins for the business; they can manage the employees for your business. So you focus on growth only.

Selected employees can now get access to early salary via a short term credit facility upto ₹3000 from RBI registered NBFCs without any major paperwork.
Made In India with love to support the local businesses. Make India Proud 

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