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Monday, August 8, 2022

6 best PowerPoint apps and tools for Android


6 best PowerPoint apps and tools for Android

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is probable the best bet for Linux users. It has full support for OpenOffice file formats and contains Writer, Calc, and Impress. Impress is a presentation software. It can even read PowerPoint files as well. In terms of PowerPoint apps, it does good well. You can make a slideshow, add graphics, add text, and the basic stuff like that. The free version is more utilizable than the first free version of most paid software. The app even  works perfectly with niche functions such as Samsung DeX. It’s not quite as powerful as Microsoft PowerPoint, but it’s surely close enough for most people.


Clicker works a lot such as ASUS Remote Link. It lets you connect to your computer and utilize your phone as a presentation clicker. It even seems to work on Mac, Linux, and Windows along with iOS and Android. That should include just about everybody. In any situation, the workflow for this one is pretty obvious. You make your PowerPoint on your computer where you have full access to all of the tools. Then, you utilize this app to present the PowerPoint at your meeting. There is even remote track pad functionality, Samsung S-Pen support, and space where you can keep notes for your speech. There aren’t a ton of presentation clicker apps such as this one, so it’s nice to watch that at least one is really good.

Google Home

Google Home is an out-of-the-box idea. Basically, you utilize it along with a Chromecast to mirror your phone screen to a display. You can then utilize your phone to present your PowerPoint. This lets you work on your PowerPoint either on desktop or phone. You simply require to put the project on your mobile phone, utilize Google Home to mirror it, and then begin your presentation. Chromecast  are small, simple to carry with you, and are very simple to use. It lets you utilize the presentation space’s existing resources without requiring to cart in a bunch of extra equipment. Plus, the app is free.

Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation app from the Google Drive office suite. It’s largely decided the top or at least second-best option in terms of PowerPoint apps. You can mess with your presentation on your mobile or your desktop via the web. Plus, Google Drive has live collaboration tools along with a lot of other functions . Your presentation is stored in the cloud so you can access and download it whenever you wish. Plus, it can read, edit, and save PowerPoint files for some well cross-product functionality. It’s even , far and away, the best free option obtainable. That creates it great for students without access to a Microsoft Office account.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the top 1 or 2 PowerPoint apps in the world. It’s so good that human refer to presentation apps as PowerPoint apps. The mobile version is very functional compared to its desktop equivalent, even if the desktop variant is more strong. On top of the usual presentation features, the app even contains a Presenter Coach function to help you prepare for your speech. Fortunately , Microsoft has adapted nicely to the times. You can start fresh or edit existing PowerPoint presentations that you began on your computer. The full functionality is obtainable with an Office 365 subscription. The good news is the subscription unlocks both the desktop and phone versions of PowerPoint with just a single subscription. You even obtain Microsoft One Drive space to store and transport your Power Points


Remote Desktop apps

Remote desktop apps are a slightly old, but very functional method of presenting stuff. These apps basically let you join directly to your desktop computer, mirroring everything on it to your mobile phone. There are generally tools to let you navigate around. Thus, you can join to your computer and give a presentation straight from your phone without requiring to move any files. You can even use these to work on your Power Points straight from your computer so you don’t lose any functionality by being on a smartphone or tablet. We have Microsoft Remote Desktop linked since it includes the majority of use cases, but there are others obtainable too.



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