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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Government Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules

BñGovernment Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules


જુલાઇ માસમાં લેવાયેલ એકમ કસોટી માટે ગુણપત્રક અ.નિ. સહિત.. મહત્વપૂર્ણ લિંક.

Important link :-


તારીખ-6-8-2022 ની ધોરણ 6-7-8ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

તારીખ-30-7-2022 ની ધોરણ 3-4-5ની માર્કસ્લીપ ડાઉનલોડ કરવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

23 જુલાઈ 2022 એકમ કસોટી ગુણપત્રક ધોરણ:- 5 અહીથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો

તા.૨૩/૦૭/૨૦૨૨ ધોરણ ૬ થી ૮ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો.

તા.૩૦/૦૭/૨૦૨૨ ધોરણ ૬ થી ૮ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો.

Pension app provide pension Information state wise which information collected from govt website which is publicly available, We are not a govt bodies of India, user can choose own state and make their dashboard according their preferences for old pensioner, widow pensioner, Handicap pensioner and many more pension related information.

Mutual funds are an ideal way of investment where an investor may choose to invest in a fund and asset of his choice, be it equity debt or gold. Professionally managed by financial experts, these funds help you create wealth in a tax-friendly way. Investments are flexible and give you an array of choice to buy, mix, churn, transfer or redeem conveniently.

derstand. So, let us go through the below-mentioned terms to get a clearer insight and understanding of the world of mutual funds.

AMC (Asset Management Company)
Asset Management Company is the company that manages funds of individuals. A mutual fund is a trust registered under the Indian Trust Act. It is initiated by a sponsor. A sponsor is a person who acts alone or with a corporate to establish a mutual fund. The sponsor then appoints an AMC to manage the investment, marketing, accounting and other functions pertaining to the fund. Various funds can be introduced by a single AMC according to investment objective. It is a pool where funds are collected and invested professionally and the returns are distributed proportionally. In India all AMCs are required to get themselves registered with SEBI before starting its operations.

NAV (Net Asset Value)
Net Asset Value or NAV often heard and a familiar term when we talk about mutual funds. Most of us have heard this term and use it on and off but very few of us know what exactly this term connotes and how is it interpreted. In a layman’s language it is the price per share or unit of a mutual fund. As stocks have a share price, mutual funds have NAV. If we are buying 100 units of a mutual fund then we buy it at its NAV. Though share price fluctuates throughout the day at exchanges, the NAV does not change. NAV of a fund is calculated at end of the trading day.

NAV is calculated as: (Assets of the fund-Liabilities of the fund)/Number of outstanding units of the fund It is the indicator of the fund’s performance over a period of time. If one tracks the NAV of a fund over a specific period he/she may be able to gauge how the fund has been performing and take investment decisions. A lower NAV does not mean that the fund is not doing well or a fund with a higher NAV is performing better. Absolute comparison is not the means by which two funds should be compared, the relative growth should be taken into account for the same period to ascertain fund performance and should be used to take investment decision.

Growth Option
Mutual funds come with growth option and dividend option. Under the growth option whatever interests, bonus, gains and dividends the fund earns is not paid out or distributed amongst the investors. It is ploughed back and re-invested in the scheme itself. This gets reflected in the NAV of the scheme, no interim payments whatsoever are made out of the fund holdings. The investor gets the return only upon redeeming the fund. The NAV of the growth option and dividend option of the same scheme varies a lot. The NAV of the growth option is much higher than the dividend option as no pay-outs are made.

If one is opting for an equity based mutual fund then the growth option is quite suitable as regards wealth creation. As no interim payments are made the benefit of compounding is enjoyed by the investor.

Dividend Option
Dividend option in a scheme indicates that there would be intermediate payments to the investor in form of dividends. The rate and time of payment though is not pre-fixed, it depends entirely on the fund performance. Say the NAV of the fund rises from Rs. 11 to Rs. 13, then investors may be paid Rs. 1.5 as dividend. Post dividend payment the NAV would fall to Rs. 11.5 from Rs.13.

In this option, there are two sub options: Dividend Pay-out and Dividend Re-investment. In dividend pay-out the investor receives dividends in form of cash pay-out but in the latter option no cash is paid instead the dividends are re-invested and additional units are bought and credited to investor account.

This option is best suited for investors looking for short term investment, as dividends are not taxable in hands of the investor, though a dividend distribution tax is paid by the fund.

Asset Allocation
Asset allocation is the asset mix of equity, fixed interest rate instruments and cash or cash equivalents. The asset allocation of any fund depends upon the type and objective of the fund. The asset mix is thus decided by the fund manager. There may be pure equity funds, balanced funds, debt funds, money market funds etc. To know the asset allocation of any fund the investor may read the offer document and fund details before investment to make a proper choice according to individual risk appetite and investment objective.

The three S — SIP, STP, SWP — The terms are very familiar but to know the true meaning let’s read through.

SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

This is the Systematic Investment Plan option and one of the favourite terms of mutual funds representative. SIP gives investors the liberty to invest in a scheme on a monthly basis with as little as Rs. 500 a month like bank recurring deposits. Every month fresh units are bought with the monthly payments of the investor at prevailing NAV of the day at the date chosen by the investor say 5th of every calendar month. The amount gets deducted automatically from the bank account of the investor. An ECS mandate needs to be submitted at time of investment with bank details, amount and specified date. This saves time and hassle of the investor from remembering date every month. It also helps him enjoy the market fluctuations as the investment is not done as lump sum. The rupee cost average mechanism helps him purchase units at different NAV. If the market falls he gets higher units and if the market rises he makes money on all the units purchased previously.

SWP (Systematic Withdrawal Plan)
Systematic Withdrawal Plan as the name suggests gives investor an option to withdraw his accumulated fund over a span of time. It may also be used as pension for individuals. For instance a person starts SIP with a meagre sum of Rs. 5000 a month at the age of 30 and continues investing till the age of 60; his investment would be Rs. 18 lakhs whereas at a CAGR of 12% the accumulated wealth would stand at Rs. 1.5crore. From here he may choose to withdraw a monthly pre-determined amount at a pre-determined date. It would be as good as pension payments.

New Fund Offer is similar to an IPO of any company. It is an offering made to public to raise capital for a particular scheme. The offer is open for a stipulated time at unit price of usually Rs.10. After the offer is closed, anyone who intends to opt for the fund can only do so at the NAV. Whenever a new scheme is launched by an AMC it is done through NFO route to raise capital from public to buy equities, bonds etc.

FMP (Fixed Maturity Plans)
Fixed Maturity Plans are closed ended funds. By closed ended we mean that the scheme remains open for a specific time period and post that no further investment can be made in the fund. Neither the fund can be redeemed before maturity. It is popular because of its tax treatment. Most FMPs are issued for a period of more than 365 days, to make it lucrative by lowering long term capital gains tax. Somebody who is in the highest tax bracket stands to gain as long term capital gains tax of 10% without indexation and 20% with indexation would be applicable. So when it is compared to a bank FD, an investor gains on tax perspective. But the biggest difference is that there is no guarantee of returns and capital protection. In a Fixed deposit the capital is safe and the return is guaranteed. No pre-mature withdrawals can be made from FMPs. Hence this instrument works out to be beneficial only for people who fall in the highest tax bracket.

AUM (Asset Under Management)
Asset Under Management means the total sum of investors which the AMC is controlling. It is the total size of assets which these AMCs manage for their client. An AUM of an AMC is the sum of total assets held less its liabilities. These funds are used to transact and buy shares, bonds etc. on behalf of its client. Once the contribution is made by the client, his fund can be used to buy or sell shares by the fund manager without his permission. AUM keeps fluctuating due to fresh investments and redemptions done on a daily basis. AUM is one of the biggest parameter to attract new customers by the AMC. The larger the AUM, it reflects trust of investors and sound fund performance of the AMC. If the AUM is too new and small, people are sceptic to invest with such companies.
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Saturday, August 13, 2022

How to Find the IP Address of Your Printer? 5 simple methods

How to Find the IP Address of Your Printer? 5 simple methods

1. Utilize the Menu on the printer’s screen

If your printer comes with a display unit go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Network Settings’. You will search the IP address of the printer there. This may change for different printers. The IP address may be in the ‘Setup’ or ‘Network Setup’ button in some printers. Navigate your way via the menu and you will discover the IP address. If your printer does not come with a display unit, follow the methods offered below.

2. Search the IP Address of your printer using your computer

Step 1: Go to the Settings>Devices.


Step 2: Tap on ‘Printers and Scanners’ and choose the printer whose IP address you want to find.

 Step 3: Click on ‘Manage’ and choose ‘Properties’.

Step 4: Tap on the general tab. You will discover the IP address in the location section.

3. Use the router

If a printer is shared between a network of computers, you can search its IP address using the router it is connected to. The way to access the router menu vary among different routers. Most home routers permit you to access the menu using the web browser. Once you’ve opened the menu check for the device list to search the IP address of your printer.

4. Print a configuration sheet

Most printers have the choice  to print a test page which includes all the specs and configurations of the printer, containing the IP address. You can print the configuration page utilizing the on-screen menu on the printer. If your printer does not have an on-screen menu, tap and hold the power button for five -ten  seconds and it will print the configuration page.

5. Use Command Prompt

You can discover the IP address of your printer using the command prompt. Just follow these easy steps.

Step 1: Click the Windows key and type ‘cmd’ on the search bar. Choose Command Prompt.

Step 2: On the cmd screen type ‘netstat -r’ and click enter.

Step 3: You will be presented with a total list of devices connected to your computer along with their IP address.

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Friday, August 12, 2022

Home remedies for gas: 7 natural remedies to get rid of gas and bloating

 Home remedies for gas: 7 natural remedies to get rid of gas and bloating

1. Ginger, cardamom and fennel

Ginger is a miracle herb and is utilized in home remedies to treat diseases such as headache, tummy ache and sore throat. It can even be used to get relief from the gas issue and it is an effective remedy for indigestion

Method:  Take a teaspoon of ground ginger, one teaspoon of cardamom and a fennel seeds. Mix all the component, together and take a teaspoon of this mixture and add it to a cup of water. Even, add a pinch of asafoetida or hing in the water. Drink this solution twice regular. You can even chew a piece of ginger or drink ginger tea to support proper digestion and control gas production in the stomach.

2. Garlic with black pepper and cumin seeds

Garlic is another choice to treat the gas problem. It includes healing property and helps in proper digestion. Add garlic to your meals and soups to decrease the formation of gas.

Method: Take a cup of a water and boil it. Now, take a some  cloves of garlic and grind it. Add the ground garlic into a water. Add a some black pepper corns and cumin seeds. Let it boil for two minutes and then take it off the fire. Strain the drink and let it cold. Drink this 3 time a day.

3. Ajwain or Carom Seeds

Ajwain or the carom seeds are effective in treating the gas issue. Thymol present in the carom seeds triggers release of gastric juices, which support in particular digestion of the food.

Method: Take half a teaspoon of carom seeds and gulp it down with a cup of a water. Do this once a day to obtain relief from gas.

4. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is an superb remedy for flatulence and it will calm your stomach.

Method: Take a glass of buttermilk and add a pinch of a black salt and ground carom seeds. Mix it proper and drink it once or twice a day to get relief from the gas issue .

5. Steamed pumpkin

Pumpkin supports in reducing the formation of gas in the stomach. For this remedy, all you require  is pumpkin.

Method: Take a cup of a pumpkin and steam it. You can even have it raw or baked or boiled. Eat it all day.

6. Apple cider vinegar and water

Apple cider vinegar is another cure for flatulence. It treats a gas and soothes stomach. It is advisable to utilize apple cider vinegar for the remedy but if you do not have it, you can utilize regular vinegar.

Method: Take a glass of warm water and add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to it. Drink it once a day, ideally in the morning.

7. Warm lemon water

Lemon supports in digestion as it includes  acid that triggers formation of hydrochloric acid, which breaks down food. Lemon is even impressive in the treatment of gas and bloating.

Method: Take a glass of warm water and add around 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into it. You can even add 3 lemon wedges instead of lemon juice. Shake it and drink this lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach.

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Best Health insurance Plan in india | Buy online health insurance plan ko

Best Health insurance Plan in india | Buy online health insurance plan
What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance, also known as Mediclaim in India, is a form of insurance which covers the expenses incurred on medical treatment and hospitalisation. It covers the policyholder against any financial constraints arising from medical emergencies. In case of sudden hospitalisation, illness or accident, health insurance takes care of the expenses on medicines, oxygen, ambulance, blood, hospital room, various medical tests and almost all other costs involved. By paying a small premium every year, you can ensure that any big medical expenses, if incurred, will not burn a hole in your pocket. The plan can be taken for an individual or for your family as a Family Floater Health Insurance Plan.

Major Benefits in a Health Insurance Policy

Cashless facility

Each health insurance company ties up with a large number of hospitals to provide cashless health insurance facility. If you are admitted to any of the network hospitals, you would not have to pay the expenses from your pocket. In case the hospital is not part of the network, you will have to pay the hospital and the insurance company will reimburse the costs to you later.

Pre-hospitalisation expenses

In case you have incurred treatment costs for the ailment for which you later get admitted to a hospital, the insurance company will bear those costs also. Usually the payout is for costs incurred between 30 to 60 days before hospitalisation.

Hospitalisation Expenses

Costs incurred if a policyholder is admitted to the hospital for more than 24 hours are covered by the health insurance plan.

Post-hospitalisation expenses

Even after you are discharged from the hospital, you will incur costs during the recovery period. Most mediclaim policies will cover the expenses incurred 60 to 90 days after hospitalisation.

Day Care Procedure Expenses

Due to advancement in technology some of the treatments no more require a 24 hours of hospitalisation. Your health insurance policy will cover the costs incurred for these treatments also.

Ambulance Charges

In most cases the ambulance charges are taken up by the policy and the policy holder usually doesn't have to bear the burden of the same.

Cover for Pre-existing Diseases

Health insurance policies have a facility of covering pre-existing diseases after 3 or 4 years of continuously renewing the policy, i.e. if someone has diabetes, then after completion of 3 or 4 years of continuous renewal with the same insurer (depending on the plan offered and his age), any hospitalisation due to diabetes will also be covered..

Tax Benefits

The premiums paid for a Health Insurance Policy are exempted for Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. Income tax benefit is provided to the customer for the premium amount till a maximum of Rs. 15,000 for regular and Rs. 20,000 for senior citizen respectively.

No-Claim Bonus

If there has been no claim in the previous year, a benefit is passed on to the policyholder, either by reducing the premium or by increasing the sum assured by a certain percentage of the existing premium.

Health Check-Up

Some health insurance policies have a facility of free health check-up for the well being of the individual if there is no claim made for certain number of years.

Organ Donor Expenses

The medical expenses incurred in harvesting the organ for a transplant is paid by the policy.
Popular Health Insurance Companies

1. Why should you purchase a health insurance plan ?

A health insurance plan is a protective measure that prevents you from using your savings in a medical emergency. When faced with a medical emergency, you will have to use your funds from your savings to cover the expenses, unless you are insured. However, with a health insurance policy, you can claim coverage up to the sum insured.

2. Do different companies offer different insurance policies?

A: Yes, they do. Some of the policies are designed to provide individual coverage, while others are family health insurance policies. Similarly, depending upon the premium paid, the health condition of the person or persons being insured, the policy will differ. Thus, depending on the type of policy you are purchasing and the insurance company you are purchasing from, you will be provided a particular healthcare policy.

3. What are the parameters to purchase a health insurance?

A: When you purchase a health insurance policy, you should check the coverage provides, i.e., whether the insurance policy covers medical bills, hospitalization expenses, ambulance charges, medical expenses due to severe illnesses, and domiciliary hospitalization charges. Similarly, the insurance company you are purchasing the policy should be associated with the leading hospitals in your area. Other than that, it should also have a network of hospitals across the country. This will assure you that the policy you purchase is acceptable anywhere in India.

4. Should claims be a factor while comparing health policies? A: Yes, you should check the claims records of the insurance company when purchasing a health insurance policy. For example, Star Health Insurance has incurred a claim ratio of 63%. Apollo Munich Health Insurance, a joint venture of HDFC Limited and ERGO International AG, has posted a claim ratio of 62%. Both of these are higher than Religare Enterprise Limited, which has incurred a claim ratio of 55%. Hence, if you are thinking of purchasing health insurance from a company with a higher ratio of claim settlement, you can opt for Star Health Insurance or Apollo Munich Health Insurance.

5. Why should you purchase health insurance from Oriental Insurance Company Limited? A: Oriental Insurance Company Limited has numerous insurance-related products. The company has been providing clients with numerous healthcare policies for many years. Additionally, people above the age of sixty do not have to undergo a rigorous medical check-up to purchase an insurance policy. The company also has a network with more than 4300 hospitals across the country. It has incurred a claim ratio of 108%.

Cashless claims in 20 mins: With our 24x7 quick support, cashless claims can be settled in 20 mins and reimbursement claims in 4 hrs! ✌️

10,000+ Cashless Network Hospitals: We have the largest network of cashless hospitals spread across India, so we’ll be there for you wherever you are in the country.🏨

97% Claim Settlement Ratio: With 12 lakh+ happy customers and a high claim settlement ratio. Our numbers speak for us. 😊

Fully Transparent: From getting the quote, buying the policy to getting the claims settled, you can track everything from the app at any time. No hidden clauses, terms and condition. 🙌

No paperwork, completely digital: No long proposal forms & lengthy inspections. With the click of a few buttons, we will instantly send your policy to you on Whatsapp! Access health card and raise the claims from the app itself! 🤩

Monthly EMIs starting from ₹240: Safeguard yourself and your family at really affordable prices! 😄

Subscribing to a new health insurance plan, calculating the premium, making payment for an EMI or a renewal, submitting a claim, locating a network hospital, or tracking the claim status, you can complete all the tasks within a matter of minutes with this all-in-one Health Insurance App.

અહીંથી પ્રીમિયમ કેલ્ક્યુલેટર પર જાણો તમારું કેટલું પ્રીમિયમ આવશે

અહીંથી જુઓ વિવિધ કંપનીઓના હેલ્થ ઇન્સ્યોરન્સ પ્લાન

6. What are the benefits of purchasing a healthcare policy from National Insurance Company Limited? A: National Insurance Company Limited has been providing various types of insurance policies to its customers for almost one hundred years. If you are thinking of buying a health insurance policy from a reputable firm, you should buy a health insurance policy from National Insurance Company Limited. The company also offers free health check-ups and has a claim ratio of 109.94%.

7. What are the cashless benefits? A: Some insurance companies may allow the insured to enjoy a cashless hospital admission. Here the insurance company will settle the cost of hospitalization directly, and you will not have to pay any upfront. As a policyholder, you will not have to make any payment during hospitalization.

8. Is there a government insurance company?

A:Yes, New India Assurance Company is a government-owned multinational general insurance company. The first offer was made by a company called Mediclaim Policy. The company has a strong presence in India but in 28 other countries of the world. The company has noted the claim ratio.
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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Traditional Women’s Fashion and Trends in India

  Traditional Women’s Fashion and Trends in India

There is fashion of everything in the India, every state has it’s own way of fashion. Clothing in India changes widely as per culture, religion and climate. Most common clothes for women’s in India is Saree, ghagra choli and salwar suits with ornaments. Traditional fashion ornaments contains Necklace, Bangles, Waist Chain, earrings and anklets. Western fashion have become common among India, which is some how traditional but stylish like  tattoo and piercing and wild fashion accessories

Salwar Kameez: Salwar Kameez an authentic Indian wear, worn by both men and women in the India, Salwar Kameez with dupatta is women’s wear. There are many types of Salwar in fashion for girls, some of them are recognized  as Churidar, Anarkali suits, Indian kurta and Salwar Suits. Salwar is one of the most famous traditional dress for females in India.

Gagra Choli: Fashion of Lehenga Choli has been in India since the historical era of the royal’s.Gagra Choli is a traditional dress worn by girls in the Rajasthan,Gujrat and North India. The 2 piece clothing is one of the most preferred party wear of young people,especially on festivals, pujas or weddings. Gagra Cholis can be categorize into Lehenga Choli, Chaniya Choli, Sharara, and Lachcha.

Saree: A Sari or Saree is four to nine meters strip of un stitched cloth, that is draped over the body in different styles. Saree is the traditional wear of elegant Indian women’s and  Stylish sarees are always in fashion, chick look in saree makes an impact to the viewers.  The timeless beauty of saris has several styles of draping, though some styles do need a sari of a particular length.

Long Skirts: The trends of fashionable skirts are very much in India from the antique  age. Indian Skirts are very comfortable and provides a traditional and ethnic look with the distinctive fashion style and fashion appeal. These ethnic long skirts go by a variety of names such as jaipuri skirt, rajasthani skirts with different types of designs and patterns.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

What makes Israel a powerful country ?

 What makes  Israel a powerful country ?

 Israel is a small piece of land by the Side of the Mediterranean Sea, which can be known as a land of sand and radiations. Israel has a mixed population of 74.2% Jewish, 17.8% Muslim, 2.0% Christian and 1.6% Druze and the remaining 4.4% contained among religiously unclassified or can be called as Samaritans.

In an international survey published currently , Israel was ranked as 8th most popular nation in the world for the third consecutive year. The main 5 factors which determine the nation to be powerful are a country’s leaders, its economic influence, political influence, strong international alliances, and a strong military. Israel is even known for its innovative minds.

This nation takes a lot of chances which other countries fear to take, is the reason of them being in front of others .

“The country has a small economy, landmarks of significance to many religions and strained relationships with many of its Arab neighbors” as report noted.  

Today Israel is known for its superpowers in high technologies and wish top most weapons to be exported around the world which approximately makes $6.5 billion in annual arm sales.  Israel spends about 4.5% of its GDP for the development of the nation to be specific and almost twice are used for the organization of economic cooperation and development average and about 30% goes for military purposes. 

Israel is the 1st ever country to utilize robots in place of soldiers. The Guardium is a type of new weapon named Unmanned Ground Vehicle or UGVs . It’s a new strategy to utilize robotic military for Defense Force. which can work more efficiently than human soldiers because all it needs is a full of gas tank .

In 1969 Israel was the first nation to ever use ‘Drones’ for defense forces when they flew toy airplanes with cameras attached to them to spy on Egypt. In 1986 Israel given US Navy its first-ever drone known as the pioneer. A few years later ‘Pioneer’ became a part of history while the Gulf War . Israel has given drones in different parts of the world like Russia, South Korea, Australia, etc with 60% of the global market. 

In 1988 Israel issued its first satellite in space. Several countries doubted Israel for developing such a big tech thing on its own. But nearly thirty years since then it has grown into a super-powerful satellite with eight different spies in it for space.

Israel nation made another satellite known as the TecSar. This satellite utilizes a synthetic aperture sensor, basically a radar system that can create high-resolution images just like the same quality as of a camera. One of the most impressive facts about it is that a camera cannot capture pictures through clouds or fog but radars can work in all types of weather conditions.

This keeps a very big benefit in military sources which would help to track the enemies and gather formations about them in any time of the day and even  through any weather circumstances.

In 2000, Israeli air forces created  their first operational Arrow missile battery, the first-ever country with this system that could shoot down incoming enemy missiles on its own. His idea to make the system was born in the mid-1980s after U.S. President Ronald Reagan coined about star war plans and asked America’s allies to partner in developing the system.  Israel is the only nation in the world that has already used missiles in defense systems in times of war. 

Today, the ‘Merkava tank’ is told to be one of the top projects of  Israel. It is told to be one of the most lethal tanks in the world. Though it began in a way of necessity and UK and other countries refused to sell Israel tanks, so they determined to come up with their own. It can go up to the speed 40 mph. 

In addition , Israel has faced constant challenges since 1948, it’s time of establishment. As we all know Jews have historically been the mercy of global superpowers. “Show me 2 Jews and I will show you 3 opinions”. There is an old Jews joke which reflects their culture. So, these are the main causes that Israel became one of the most powerful countries.

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Top 3 Short Video Apps In India That Gives TikTok Competition

  Top 3  Short Video Apps In India That Gives TikTok Competition

1. Moj

Moj was established in June 2020. 2 days after its release, the app crossed 50K+ downloads. Improved by parent company Sharechat, which joined the unicorn club recently, Moj has uniquely identified filters and other tools to support users customize their short videos.

The application is supported in 15 languages containing regional languages like Malayalam, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, etc. Permitting users from all backgrounds to share a piece of the cake.

Moj has even claimed to invest in enabling creators with better tools to help them increase their reach and reach a global audience.

Discover the many challenges that are put out on this platform by different brands and creators also  take part in some amazing contests that keep coming up.

Began  your creator journey with Moj now.  

2. Josh

When the doors had opened for Indian apps to fill in for TikTok, Dailyhunt, one of India’s local news apps, put its best foot forward to make  Josh.

Dailyhunt always had its goal of serving India widely and determined to step into the world of short video app to increase its reach. Unlike Moj, Josh is only obtainable in 12 languages containing English and other regional languages.

Josh hosts interesting events such as the JFLIX Festival and the #Dare2BeAKid challenge which ensures that creators from all age groups, genders, and ethnic backgrounds are constantly creating and engaging on the platform.

3. Roposo

Established in 2012, much earlier than Moj and Josh, Roposo stands to be the only short-video application that focuses more on giving a glass-clear experience for fashionistas through what they call “Live Shopping”.

Roposo permits users to post stories and review products permitting  brands to exclusively use word of mouth in a digital sense through this platform. It has even collaborated with many shopping stores and brands to offer an evolved shopping experience where the users can watch short videos uploaded by fashionistas trying the clothes and instantly purchase those products.

This short-video app give  close attention to the user’s likes and preferences and offers suitable suggestions and personalized preferences accordingly.



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Monday, August 8, 2022

6 best PowerPoint apps and tools for Android


6 best PowerPoint apps and tools for Android

AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is probable the best bet for Linux users. It has full support for OpenOffice file formats and contains Writer, Calc, and Impress. Impress is a presentation software. It can even read PowerPoint files as well. In terms of PowerPoint apps, it does good well. You can make a slideshow, add graphics, add text, and the basic stuff like that. The free version is more utilizable than the first free version of most paid software. The app even  works perfectly with niche functions such as Samsung DeX. It’s not quite as powerful as Microsoft PowerPoint, but it’s surely close enough for most people.


Clicker works a lot such as ASUS Remote Link. It lets you connect to your computer and utilize your phone as a presentation clicker. It even seems to work on Mac, Linux, and Windows along with iOS and Android. That should include just about everybody. In any situation, the workflow for this one is pretty obvious. You make your PowerPoint on your computer where you have full access to all of the tools. Then, you utilize this app to present the PowerPoint at your meeting. There is even remote track pad functionality, Samsung S-Pen support, and space where you can keep notes for your speech. There aren’t a ton of presentation clicker apps such as this one, so it’s nice to watch that at least one is really good.

Google Home

Google Home is an out-of-the-box idea. Basically, you utilize it along with a Chromecast to mirror your phone screen to a display. You can then utilize your phone to present your PowerPoint. This lets you work on your PowerPoint either on desktop or phone. You simply require to put the project on your mobile phone, utilize Google Home to mirror it, and then begin your presentation. Chromecast  are small, simple to carry with you, and are very simple to use. It lets you utilize the presentation space’s existing resources without requiring to cart in a bunch of extra equipment. Plus, the app is free.

Google Slides

Google Slides is the presentation app from the Google Drive office suite. It’s largely decided the top or at least second-best option in terms of PowerPoint apps. You can mess with your presentation on your mobile or your desktop via the web. Plus, Google Drive has live collaboration tools along with a lot of other functions . Your presentation is stored in the cloud so you can access and download it whenever you wish. Plus, it can read, edit, and save PowerPoint files for some well cross-product functionality. It’s even , far and away, the best free option obtainable. That creates it great for students without access to a Microsoft Office account.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the top 1 or 2 PowerPoint apps in the world. It’s so good that human refer to presentation apps as PowerPoint apps. The mobile version is very functional compared to its desktop equivalent, even if the desktop variant is more strong. On top of the usual presentation features, the app even contains a Presenter Coach function to help you prepare for your speech. Fortunately , Microsoft has adapted nicely to the times. You can start fresh or edit existing PowerPoint presentations that you began on your computer. The full functionality is obtainable with an Office 365 subscription. The good news is the subscription unlocks both the desktop and phone versions of PowerPoint with just a single subscription. You even obtain Microsoft One Drive space to store and transport your Power Points


Remote Desktop apps

Remote desktop apps are a slightly old, but very functional method of presenting stuff. These apps basically let you join directly to your desktop computer, mirroring everything on it to your mobile phone. There are generally tools to let you navigate around. Thus, you can join to your computer and give a presentation straight from your phone without requiring to move any files. You can even use these to work on your Power Points straight from your computer so you don’t lose any functionality by being on a smartphone or tablet. We have Microsoft Remote Desktop linked since it includes the majority of use cases, but there are others obtainable too.



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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Phone number tracker lets you to track any mobile number

Phone number tracker lets you to track any mobile number easily.Mobile Number Location– All phone numbers location tracking application gives an opportunity to track any mobile number with its current mobile number location and network carrier information. Phone number tracker – Search phone number location can get any number present location.You can search any mobile number location as this application is a mobile number tracker for android phone.

Number tracker- Phone number tracker is a very useful app as the user can check all phone number of all countries by searching the mobile number and you can locate mobile number location country easily. Phone number tracker can show you the phone number network connection name and as it is a free mobile number tracker

Phone phone tracker by number-
Find your phone location by phone number tracker application gives you’re a feature in which you can search any mobile number and it will locate and track the current location of that number and with the help of that you can search phone location also as that number is in the phone. GPS phone number tracker is a mobile number tracking application that has ISD CODES AND STD CODES also in it. You can check all the ISD CODES AND STD CODES with the help of this phone number tracker -Find out phone number location by tracking phone number current location.

Silent Features of Phone number tracker:

Phone Number Tracking Function.
Contacts can be seen in list through this mobile number tracker application.
ISD Codes can be searched in this GPS Mobile number tracker.
STD CODES of Cities are given in this phone number tracker-Track all phone number.
You can save the location and the information provided by this Number tracker-Locate any phone number.
You can also check

How Does this application (Phone Number location tracking) Works:

In order to search any number location or you can say if you want to check the current location of phone number. You’ll have to follow these instructions:

  • First you have to press the NUMBER TRACKER BUTTON in this phone number tracker app.
  • After that you need to select country.
  • Enter the number in the blank search space we have provided.
  • Now you can have the location of the mobile number with its carrier information.
  • For checking your contacts, ISD CODES, STD CODES, you can press the given Buttons in phone number tracker-Find phone number
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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Gujarat Gyan Guru Online Quiz Competition by government of Gujarat

Gujarat Gyan Guru Online Quiz Competition by government of Gujarat

Harvard university and MIT
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ચોથા સપ્તાહની ક્વીજ નુ રીજલ્ટ

Harvard university

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Rayvila Quiz Maker easy to use and fully customizable

રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરવા અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

Quiz રમવા લોગીન કરવા અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

ક્વિઝ્ના પ્રશ્નો વાંચવા અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

કવીઝના પ્રશ્નો અને જવાબો વાંચવા અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો

Create Quiz
-- Add Questions
-- Edit Questions
-- Delete Questions
-- Review Answer Sheet
-- Set Timer
-- Add Students
-- Manage Students
-- Export & Import System
-- Collects data remotely

ક્વિઝ સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી PDF

ક્વિઝ્ અંગે ડીટેઇલ પરીપત્ર

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Success Stories :
Thanks to the flexibility of Python and the powerful ecosystem of packages, the Azure CLI supports features such as autocompletion (in shells that support it), persistent credentials, JMESPath result parsing, lazy initialization, network-less unit tests, and more.

Hands-on Project
Every Specialization includes a hands-on project. You’ll need to successfully finish the project(s) to complete the Specialization and earn your certificate. If the Specialization includes a separate course for the hands-on project, you’ll need to finish each of the other courses before you can start it.
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Government Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules

BñGovernment Employees Useful Video – Pension Calculate ,Pay of Promotion Family Pension ,Provisional Pension ,Gratuity Rules UNIT TEST MA...