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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

12 Popular and Money Saving Shopping Websites in India 2022

 12 Popular and Money Saving Shopping Websites in India 2022

Who doesn’t love shopping? Such as literally, from electronics to novels, clothes to accessories, home decor to groceries-Shopping has always managed to search it’s way in every person ' s routine! And is a reason that India’s e-commerce market is currently estimated at 54 billion Dollars and is supposed to double almost to $100 billion by 2020.

Shopping is something that always astonish  people regardless of age or gender. Mainly , Indian people are always excited when it comes to Desi Shopping. Whether it’s a wedding, a festival or any other occasion , shopping becomes a norm among the Indian people. But, sometimes you are unable to search the wanted things in your nearby market. OR, there are instances when you can hardly search any time from your busy schedule to go out and do shopping. Isn’t it?

It’s when online shopping websites or app search their way in the equation. With the rise of digital movement and awareness among the citizens, online shopping platforms have arranged to garner a lot of attention from the buyers. You can literally search everything on an online shopping website. Such as seriously, there is a shopping website for everything. You think of any item, find  for it and believe me half of the shopping part is done. It’s that easy . Not only for occasions but even you can shop for items of regular use. Furthermore, there are some exclusive sales on technology that are only obtainable on online platforms.

While selecting a shopping website to buy stuff you must take some factors into consideration such as - availability, quality and price. These factors may divert from product to product but we can provide you a general idea to support you choose a website to buy your desired product. So here we are with our list of 12 Popular and Money Saving Shopping Websites in the India.


When it comes to compiling a list of famous and money saving online shopping websites, Amazon is a shopping website that requires no introduction. The global leader in online shopping dominates most of the online market in the India. As per to current eCommerce industry figures, Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States which is set to cross $258.22 billion in US retail sales in 2018. The mass of the company’s revenue is generated via online sales of electronics and other products. Because of  Amazon’s global scope and reach, it is even considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide and mainly  in the India.

Amazon’s dedicated panel regularly introduces sales based on the Indian seasons and festivals. Amazon is a famous shopping website that has a broad range of products, gives good quality and above all products comes at reasonable prices. In-short is tailor-created for the Indian market.


The next famous shopping website that made to our list is Flipkart. Flipkart is the India’s very own online shopping website that gives great quality products obtainable within a very reasonable price range. Particularly , products such as laptops and mobile phones are priced significantly lesser as compared to other platforms. Accompanying it, the other factor that really creates Flipkart special is the clean and user-friendly interface of its mobile app and website. But the only thing that isn’t good about Flipkart is the lower price of products.

There is no doubt, Flipkart is getting a much greater competition and difficult challenges every quarter from Amazon India but in spite of that it’s still making its nice hold among local customers.

3. PayTM

Who unfamiliar  with Pay Tm? Like seriously, from tea stalls to daily requires store, you’ll search “Pay Tm accepted here” everywhere. Pay TM was initiated as a mobile recharge app at first place and now it is often regarded as the Indian Alibaba. Apart from Wallet option, Paytm gives consumers with a number of services such as mobile recharge, bill payments, ticket etc. and definitely turned out to be a boon while demonetization. It gives  big discounted deals along with cashback offers. Often these cashback gives make a big difference and can support you save those extra bucks which creates it different from other shopping websites in the India.

Currently , Pay Tm has issued Pay TM Mall– an online shopping website which is based on the same  idea as Amazon and Flipkart. On a personal note, the good thing about Pay TM Mall, which creates it as my favorite in this list is the cashback offers. Such as dude, seriously monthly 100% cashback coupons! This famous website has a big  collection of a variety of products- almost everything like  electronic items, shoes, bags, home decor, clothing and many more products which comes with 100% authenticity.  This fully justifies Pay Tm Mall position in our list of famous and money-saving shopping websites.


eBay is even a globally known shopping website that gives a very wide range of products. Not only the new products but eBay offers a great platform for selling old products too. You can search second-hand products at reasonable costs. Speaking of the quality, it is the lead downside of eBay. eBay doesn’t ensure the quality of the product you are buying and it really goes against the popularity of the platform. No wonder why the popularity of this website has degraded over current years but still manages to search the place because of money-saving options!


For all the Hindi regular readers out there, no wonder how many times you’ve seen this advertisement: “Naaptol Kiya Kya?

Naaptol has surely made to our list of top 12 famous and money-saving shopping websites in India. There is no denial in the fact that it has arranged to grow up and come out as one of India’s premier comparison based social shopping portal. Wholly , a one-stop destination for the people of the India. From shoppers or traders , from market enthusiasts to trendsetters this site has something to give for everyone and binds the shopping culture for both buyers and sellers in a unified fashion. This network was started by two personals -with their think out of the box vision managed to create it a huge organization- distributing products for everyone.


Shopclues is one of the fastest growing the Indian shopping websites which has a broad collection of products to offer. The deals Shopclues offer are as per to the demands of Indian users and serves to over 32,000 pin codes all around the country. If you have not provided  this one a try, we recommend you to do because it has a marketplace with over half a million sellers. Shopclues has about 30 million certified products for you to select from and offers them at cheap prices. Surely , your money-saving online solution!


Jabong is even  dubbed as India’s prime fashion website. It sells the latest trending apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty products, perfumes, home accessories and many more fashion and lifestyle things. Jabong has all the big fashion labels and even the low budget go-to(s). If you have authenticity problems then you can stay assured of getting all original and best products here.


Myntra is yet the another game-changing shopping website. With lucrative deals such as End Of the Season Sales, Deals of the day, Happy Hours, Myntra always search its way to attract customers. Not only does Myntra manages to give its customers with the best clothing and accessories but is so famous among masses that it is often decided as a trendsetter when it comes to latest fashion. If you’re searching for a money-saving and popular online shopping website then this is surely the kind of hack you were looking for. Women have an equal inclination towards Myntra just such as men.


With the advent of the consumer targeted and gender-specific online shopping platforms, the life has become a way too easier. No long waiting queues at the cosmetic display site! The rise of health and beauty industry website Nykaa is no unique. This famous shopping website is popular for selling and shipping the popular fashion brands across multiple cities in India. The platform is quite popular among girls and sells most of the products at discounted prices. They give customers with a wide variety of beauty product. So, all the guys out there if you’re searching for some gifting stuff then this famous shopping website surely serves the purpose and definitely won’t leave a hole in your pocket if you choose for proper filters.


Snapdeal has been a common name in the Indian households. All thanks to its massive vogue and money-saving deals.  The thing that makes it special among Indian users is majorly because of  customer feedback support it offers. Snapdeal has more than 35+ million products to provide  and extends their business to 65000+ cities. They have products for everyone ranging from reasonable  products to luxurious ones. The best part about Snapdeal is they give huge discounts during festive seasons and has been a constant provider of amazing deals since the year 2010 – the year it was founded.

Earlier in the past, Snapdeal experienced quality problems and many customers withdraw from the usage of the site but now the things are actually working for them. They have arranged to re-establish themselves in the market with their amazing customer support and have been doing good since then when it comes to gaining vogue !


Since the festive season is about to start and if you’re thinking of providing  a change over to your furniture then Pepperfry is surely  the ideal place. The website has managed to get a lot of popularity from buyers due to  their amazing deals. There is no denial in the fact that Pepperfry is India’s biggest online furniture mart. They have a very big customer base and serves 500+ cities. All thanks to 100’s of the traders working at their backend to manufacture and give customers with the latest products. They have over 1 million products obtainable online ranging from home furniture, home decor, interior design, kitchen and dining, Lighting products, and other home-based hardware items.


How could we left  Basket to our list! Though this website is placed last on our list but is surely an escape for everyone. Whether you’re a bachelor or a married person, Big Basket does wonder for everybody. There is no doubt about the fact that Big Basket is the top grocery shopping website in the India. It has a broad  variety of branded products under different  categories such as grocery, household, personal care, gourmet, beverage, fruit and veggie, frozen food items and dairy. The best part is Big Basket provides additional 20% cash back on different debit and credit cards while making payment. Isn’t that amazing ?

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