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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Life skills to a child from standard 1 to 8

 Students are provided with life skills to be able to master different types of skills in life.  This topic is very important for assistant teacher teacher recruitment.  That's why Hindiwani, what is life skill to all of you today, what is life skills in hindi Under this, what do you call life skills education, concept and meaning of life skills, importance of life skills, types of life skills, need for life skills, life  Information about the purpose of the skill, etc. will be provided.

 Life skills education is one such skill.  Under which the child is able to lead a proper life and the ability to do activities related to life in a systematic manner is developed.

 Life skill education is one such type of education.  In which to make the child skilled in such a way that he can adjust through his ability and intelligence in difficult situations.  At the same time, such skills have to be developed in human life.  So that he can become an efficient citizen.

 Following are the definitions of life skills.

 Following are the characteristics of life skills.

 Under this, special knowledge is provided about such skills to the children.  The need of which children normally need in the coming time. Such as the skill of making quick decisions and skills related to self-confidence.

 Through life skills, the ability to be successful in life and to be successful in every field is also developed in the children.


 There are many such occasions in life in which children lower their morale by making negative assumptions about different types of activities and arrangements. As a result, this situation hinders the children in adjusting themselves.  To deal with this obstacle, children are given the skills of positive thinking and behavior.

 Self-element of life skills is self-confidence, in the absence of which a child is not able to do the work properly despite having the ability to do the work. That is why by the education of life skills, the spirit of self-confidence is developed in the students.

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