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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Writing Diary Very useful for teachers and students

 Students like to write the account of their life in diary.  Some students are hesitant to express their feelings in front of people.  This is the reason why he writes all his untold things in diary.  Express your feelings by writing your daily life experiences, some good and bad things, etc. in the diary.  Students write important things that happen in their everyday life.  Writing in the diary gives voice to the feelings buried in the student's mind and lightens his heavy heart.  Some students are very sensitive and they capture their feelings in the pages of the diary.  They feel that maybe people will not understand their feelings.

 Some students are good writers.  He writes poetry, stories and poems in his diary.  He keeps the diary in such a secret place so that no one can read it unless he wants to.  He gives an example of his writing introduction by writing an article in the diary.  Diary is a great writing medium for students.

 He uses the diary to write down the homework assigned to him in his school.  He prepares a time table to study his subjects.  Some students also write the time table in the diary.  He writes down the notes given by the teachers in the class.  Important information about the exam is written in the diary about important questions and answers.  Which book the students want to buy, their price etc. are also written in the diary.  Very important information is written in the diary.  He also writes in his diary the details of how he wants to achieve his goal.

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 Whatever emotion a student has in his heart, he captures it in the pages of his diary.  Whatever incident happens, what is their effect on him, he writes it without any objectivity and without texture.  How those events affected his mind and mind, he writes it in his diary.  The event, day and date are also mentioned in the diary.

 Students write diaries about different situations that happened in life.  Students write down the events that happened in their school.  What did he like, which teacher impressed him, and which friend helped or annoyed him.  He describes such things in his personal diary.  Sometimes when the students come back from school, they also get distracted by all the things happening on the way like the quarrel between the shopkeepers and the accident on the road etc.

 Seeing a person intoxicated, hearing a student criticizing his classmate, seeing his friend deteriorate in the company of wrong friends, such incidents are indicated by the student in the pages of the diary.  If some student makes any mistake, then he realizes it and writes his things in the diary.  Before sleeping at night, students prepare an account of their important work.  The diary can be called the self mirror of the student.  The student whose mind is clear and characterfully honest, he writes good and positive things in his diary which he wants to do in his coming future.

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