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Sunday, October 10, 2021

World Record In Cricket History

World Record In Cricket History

 Everyone will know the name of Guinness Book, unique records are recorded in it.  Records are made and broken in the game of cricket too, but there are some records which are given the status of special records.  There are many records in cricket that fall into the category of special or are unique in themselves but not all of them find a place in the Guinness Book.  Rather, very few records from the world of cricket have reached the Guinness Book.  So let's know about some such records of cricket that made a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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 1. Most Expensive Bat: The bat with which Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni made India the world champion by hitting a six in the 2011 World Cup final against Sri Lanka, is the most expensive bat in cricket history.  This bat was bought by an Indian company RK Global Shares and Security Limited for a whopping price of $161,295.


 2. Record of scoring the most runs in the World Cup: The record for scoring the most runs in the Cricket World Cup is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.  This record is recorded in the name of the great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar.  Participating in 6 World Cups, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 2278 runs in 45 matches at an impressive average of 57.  During this he also scored 6 centuries and 15 half-centuries.

 3. Biggest Cricket Tournament: The biggest tournament of cricket is Eenadu Cricket Champions Cup 2013.  A total of 16,215 participants took part in this tournament.  The tournament was organized in different parts of India from 30 December 2013 to 20 February 2014.  [Also read: For the last 69 years, the record for the highest score as the first century has not been broken, will it ever be broken?]

 4. Most Expensive Cricket Item that Sold at Auction: The 1948 cap of the great Australian batsman Sir Donald Bradman was auctioned as the most expensive thing in cricket history.  June 2003 Tim Siriser, who won the show 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire', bought Bradman's hat at a bid of US$283,000.  Bradman wore this cap on his last tour of England in 1948.  Bradman, who scored his last century wearing this cap, was dismissed for zero in the last innings.

 5. Record of playing most Test matches as a captain: The record for playing most Test matches as a captain is held by former South African captain Graeme Smith.  Graeme Smith played 100 Test matches while captaining South Africa.  Graeme Smith, who took over the captaincy of South Africa on 24 April 2003, achieved this record while captaining in the hundredth Test on 1 February 2013.

 6. Record of playing first-class cricket at the oldest age: The record of playing the first-class match at the age is recorded in the name of the Governor of Bombay, Raja Maharaj Singh.  He played his first class match at the age of 72 years and 192 days.  He scored only 4 runs in this match.

 7. Most runs in an innings in Blind World Cup: The first Blind World Cup was played in 1998.  In this tournament, Pakistan's batsman Masood Jan made a world record by scoring an unbeaten 262 against South Africa.  This record was also entered in the Guinness Book.

 8. Fastest ball in cricket history: The world record for bowling the fastest ball in cricket history is recorded in the name of Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar.  Shoaib Akhtar bowled a ball to England batsman Nick Knight in the 2003 World Cup, whose speed was 161.3 kmph, i.e. the speed of the ball was beyond 100 miles per hour.  This record was also entered in the Guinness Book.

 9. Record for the longest batting in the net: The record of batting for the longest time on the net is recorded in the name of Nagaraju Budumuru of Visakhapatnam.  Nagaraju Budumuru made this record by batting in the nets for 82 hours.

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