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Saturday, October 23, 2021



Provision of departmental examination for promotion of non-academic staff has been implemented

It may be mentioned that the provision of departmental examination has been implemented for the promotion of non-academic staff of the grant aided secondary and higher secondary schools of the state. A committee was constituted to determine the structure and syllabus of the departmental examination of these employees. Let me tell you, this committee met recently. In which the structure and syllabus of departmental examination for non-academic staff of grant aided schools was decided. On which the government stamped approval.

It may be noted here that, as per the resolution issued by the State Department of Education in this regard, non-academic employees of Granted Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools will be able to appear for this examination after 2 years of regular appointment. Candidate will be able to appear for free examination up to 3 chances while ST, SC candidates will be able to appear for free examination up to four chances. The candidate will be able to get additional opportunity by paying the fee as per the fee prescribed by the State Examination Board for additional opportunity.

There will be 4 types of papers for this exam
There will be 4 types of papers for this exam. In which three papers have to be given along with 100 marks and 2 hours MCQ type book. While 1 paper of 100 marks of 3 hours descriptive type which has to be given without book. Lower level for promotion of Junior Clerk and Higher Level for promotion of Senior Clerk will be conducted among non-academic staff of Granted Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. The syllabus for this examination has also been decided.

Accordingly, in Lower Level and Higher Level examinations, Question Paper-1 will have school related laws and provisions, Question Paper-2 will have Financial Matters, Question Paper-3 will have Michelanius and Question Paper-4 will have Gujarati-English language and office working papers. In case of passing standard of departmental examination question papers, the candidate will be required to get 50% marks per paper for passing and 60% marks for exemption. The medium of written examination should be Gujarati or English.

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