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Sunday, October 10, 2021

There are innumerable benefits of consuming Tulsi: so many diseases will stop directly

There are innumerable benefits of consuming Tulsi: so many diseases will stop directly

 Tulsi is worshiped in Hinduism in India.  Tulsi is also mentioned in Ayurveda as it has innumerable benefits.  Tulsi is also said to be beneficial in Sushruta Samhita and Charak Samhita.

 Beneficial Tulsi

 Tulsi leaves are considered to be medicinal.  Basil seeds are also beneficial.  Consumption of basil leaves removes phlegm.  Increases digestive power as well as appetite and purifies the blood.

 In addition, Tulsi leaves are beneficial in fever, heart disease, abdominal pain, malaria and bacterial infections.  Tulsi- Tulsi is of two types Ram and Shyam in which importance is given to Ram Tulsi.

 Beneficial for the brain

 Basil is beneficial for the brain.  Regular consumption increases brain function and improves memory.  So regularly swallow four-five leaves of Tulsi with water and eat it.

 Relieve headaches

 Stress headaches are common.  In such cases, putting one or two drops of basil oil in the nose gives relief.  Destroys lice in the scalp. If there is an infestation of lice in the hair, applying basil oil in the hair gives relief.

 Healing in the disease of blindness

 Many people have night blindness.  Vision weakens after dusk.  Applying two-three drops of basil leaf juice in Teva is beneficial.


 Sniffing basil leaves relieves sinus problems.

 Swelling and pain in the ears

 Basil leaves relieve ear swelling and pain.  Extracting the juice of basil leaves, warming it warmly and putting babbe drops in the ears gives relief.

 Curative in toothache

 Basil leaves relieve toothache.  It is beneficial to make a tablet of black pepper and basil leaves and keep it under the teeth.

 Throat problems

 Colds and coughs as well as changes in the seasons cause sore throats, colds and coughs.  Mixing basil juice with warm water and rinsing gives relief.  It is also beneficial to mix turmeric, sindhav and water in basil juice and rinse.

 Get rid of inflammation in the urine

 Take one gram of basil seed powder and cumin powder, mix three grams of sugarcane in it and take it with milk morning and evening.

 Dry cough and shortness of breath

 Basil leaves relieve asthma patients as well as dry cough.  Mix and lick basil leaves, ginger, onion juice and honey.


 In case of poor digestion or indigestion, take two grams of Tulsi Manjari with a bowl of black salt three to four times a day.

 Beneficial in removing stones

 Consumption of Tulsi is beneficial in gallstones.  Mix one or two gram leaves of Tulsi with honey and eat it.  However, do not rely only on the advice of a doctor.

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 Increases immunity

 Mix 20 gms of sweetmeat in 20 gms of basil seed powder and keep it.  Regular intake of one gram dose eliminates weakness.  As well as increasing the body's immunity.


 Drinking basil leaf extract in the morning, afternoon and evening is beneficial in malaria.

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