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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

All-in-one link of useful tests for standard-5 reading calculation writing FLN Tests

All-in-one link of useful tests for standard-5 reading calculation writing FLN Tests

Young children in primary school are educated in Anganwadi or Bal Mandir which is common knowledge as soon as they come to primary school but some children are like a blank slate in reading, writing and arithmetic. There are some children who don't know how to catch speed or can't even write or who can't even write. Children should sit quietly and make every effort towards education

Young children are very smart in learning but due to lack of proper guidance and proper hard work they are deprived of education or have literacy-counting 50. Young children are active in all ways and very smart but they have some minds Because of the fear at home, it is very important for them to be aware of education or to make young children who are not able to get enough and to make them small in order to make them

literate in India or to succeed in it. If the best therapeutic work is done, the children get 100% success. The children of Std-1 are small. They have to start with the alphabet. The brain starts with four such alphabets and tries to learn slowly. Numbers from one to 10 do not start. In Gujarati language, say one by one. In the beginning, children from one to 10 have to be given alphabets as well as numbers in numbers. The number of numbers in front of it and the number behind it are also to be given so that the children have to get the numbers from 1 to 10 in science. It is harvested. All these children will have 50 in reading and writing and they

will have a lot of trouble going forward. Teaching through small children's games requires playing one type of game and then they can learn. Young children have a lot of fun learning. It is very important for young children to play and use the best games and have a lot of fun. If there is an LED in the school by the teacher, it can be used to show children's games and strengthen

reading and writing. For children to strengthen reading and writing. If there is a good one, it is a presentation. Young children can write the best from the presentation. It is very useful information for

young children. Here is the information. Reach out to all class teachers and children. Please send this information to all the students who are studying. All three parents compile and take such test. You can join our project whatsapp group. All students and teachers are requested to search whatsapp google and join it. Various information related to children will be placed. We have compiled it through repeated efforts. We have collected such information. And we would like to request that the information contained in it be shared with as many people as possible.

All-in-one link of useful tests for standard-5 reading arithmetic writing FLN

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