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Thursday, September 30, 2021

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 Even today when we hear the name of prayer meeting.  So that scene of school time is presented in front of the eyes.  When our school day starts with prayer meeting.  All the students of the school arrive in uniform on time and offer all-religion prayer in the prayer meeting.

 Prayer has an important place in Indian culture.  Before the beginning of every task, we all pray to God for the accomplishment of that task either in the mind or by singing.  After that all the work is started.  When children also go to school for study, they pray to God in the prayer meeting before studying.

 In almost every school in India, prayers are organized before the start of teaching.  Prayer meeting is the place where pictures of educational, social and mental and spiritual subjects of the concerned school are presented.  The purpose of the prayer meeting seems to be getting tarnished today.  Teachers, students and school administration gather at one place in the morning to sing the national anthem, national anthem, pledge and prayer just to complete the formalities.

 On understanding the positive purpose of prayer meeting, we will find that not a formal meeting which takes place before the start of the teaching-learning system of the school, all the activities of the school of that day should go well and the proper environment of education is created in the school for this.  Prayers are organized.

 Prayer meetings help in developing the qualities of good character in the newborn.  This is the time when a school gathers which can be seen at a glance.  Students and teachers are all present.  These qualities develop spontaneously in the child because of performing all the actions on the instructions of the prayer organizer and being in discipline.

 Along with strengthening the mind and heart by the praise of God, he expresses gratitude by offering thanks to the supreme power, the creator of the world.  Little children sing the prayer in musical form, adding tone to the voice.

 Despite the crowd of thousands, the atmosphere of complete peace can be seen only in the prayer meeting.  Where on an order of Guru ji, all the students follow his orders.  Prayer places also give birth to the feelings of patriotism in children, where along with singing of national anthem, national anthem, there are programs of suvichar, pledge and reading of daily news and quiz.

 Prayer meeting is the place where all the students sit together in a line with discipline.  Necessary information is given by the school manager through the platform.  This is a good platform for the upcoming days' programs, activities and exchange of lost and found items.  By going on stage to the new children regularly, reading news and asking questions of general knowledge, their ability to express is developed.

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