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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Auspicious moment of establishment of Ganesha

 September 10, Friday means today Ganapati will be established in Brahman and Ravi Yoga.  Ganeshotsav will start from this day and Ganesha will be dissolved on 19th September on the day of Anant Chaudhash.

શુભ મુહૂર્ત જોવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

  According to the Puranas, Lord Gajanan was born at noon on the fourth day of Sud Paksha in the month of Bhadarva.  Which this year is from 12.20 pm to 01.20 pm.  Therefore, according to scholars, it would be auspicious to establish Ganesha at this time.  Along with this, on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, there are 4 auspicious moments in the whole day for the installation of the idol.  According to Puranas and astrological texts, idols are not erected after sunset.  But on this day the establishment of Ganesha in the Gaudhuli muhurat is considered auspicious.

Few people establish and worship in auspicious fours.  Muhurat for them-

 6.10 am to 10.40 am (Char, Labh and Amrut)

 12.25 pm to 1.50 pm (Auspicious)

 05 to 6.30 pm (variable)

 Importance of right and left trunk of Ganapati-

 The idol in which Ganesha's trunk is on the right is considered to be the Siddhivinayak form.  Whereas, the left-handed Ganesha is called a disruptor.  Siddhivinayak is traditionally installed in the house and the disruptor is installed above the door outside the house.  So that no kind of disturbance i.e. troubles can enter the house.  Ganapatiji with the trunk on the left side of the office and the trunk on the right side in the house is considered the best.

 Earthen Ganesha Shubh-

 The idol of Ganesha should be made of clay.  Because clay has an innate purity.  According to astrologers and theologians, the earthen Ganesha idol is made of Panchatattva.  The idol contains elements of land, water, air, fire and sky.  That is why the work is accomplished by invoking God and glorifying Him.

 Worshiping the earthen Ganesha gives positive energy.  There is no trace of God in the statue made of plaster of Paris and other chemicals.  It also pollutes rivers.  The Anushasan Parva of the Brahmapuran and the Mahabharata mentions that polluting the rivers is to blame.

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