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Monday, August 23, 2021

Official letter regarding school time change tomorrow

 The name of my school  is Buddha Public.  In which I am a student of class 2.  In my school there is education for all the students from class 1 to 5th.  My school is surrounded on all sides by Boundary.  My school has 5 roofed rooms and 3 toilets, two hand pumps and an office.  In which our headmaster and other teacher-teachers sit.  or do any other work.  There are 3 teachers and two teachers in our school.

 There are about 150 students in my school.  There is a big playground in our school.  In which we play cricket, kabaddi, badminton etc.  Our school is painted white.  Which looks very attractive and beautiful.  Along with studies, all the students of our school are always the toppers in sports and other competitions.  Our headmaster is a very gentle person.  I like my school very much.

 The name of my school is St. Xavier's.  This school provides education for all the children from class 1 to 8.  I am a student of class 5 in my school.  There are about 250 students in my school.  My school is built in about 1 acre of land.  There are 8 pucca houses in my school.  In which the students of all the classes have separate studies.  There is a big office in my school.  In which the principal of our school lives.  There are 4 toilets and two hand pumps in my school.

 My school is surrounded by Boundary from all sides and height of Boundary is about 5 feet.  There is a huge playground in my school.  In which we also pray before the start of class.  The lunch bell rings in our school at 11:45 AM.  In which all the students take their own lunch and play for some time.  The playground of our school is very green.  There are 5 teachers and 3 teachers in our school.  There is also a Peon in our school.  Those who do some other work along with ringing the bell.

 All the students of my school are very intelligent and cultured.  All the teachers and principals of my school live in harmony with each other.  Every time there is some competition in our school.  In which all of us students take part.  Annual and half yearly examinations are conducted in our school.  All the students who are toppers in this examination.  Our headmaster rewards them.  All the teachers and teachers of our school teach diligently.  Due to which we feel very fond of studying in our school.

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