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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

New Home Learning Time Table

Home Learning Time Table
Subject - Broadcasting of educational work on Doordarshan Kendra - DD Girnar under "Home Learning".

Content-based video educational lessons prepared for students of Std-3 to 5, Std-6 to 8 and Std-9 to 12 from state level for educational work through educational lessons i.e. through Doordarshan Kendra-DD Girnar channel 22 To be started from July 2021.

In this regard, the schedule of educational videos to be aired from Doordarshan - DD Girnar for the students of Std-3 to 12 from 22nd July to 31st July - 2021 is included so that all the schools in your district have B.R. C / CRC Coordinator / Principals, Parents, teachers through teachers are requested to convey this schedule.

We have to discuss those features, but first I would like to mention some sources of traditional stories. First of all, Panchatantra Jataka, Mahabharata, Sahas Rajni Charitra, Vikramaditya's stories and folklore of different regions can be considered as natural and rich sources. 

This is followed by Kathasaritsagar, Gulistan and Bosta's stories and folk tales from around the world. The sources. Not readily available. Therefore, anyone who wants to make storytelling a regular part of their daily curriculum has to compile a compiled book of selected stories from all these sources.

What is the need? By now it may be clear to you that listening to a good story has nothing to do with the moral or immoral teaching of children. A closer look at the story of the rabbit and the lion is also inspiring. 

This story tells what is the benefit of keeping a cool head in times of trouble. This story also shows how important the use of intellect and imagination is. But these things cannot be called moral education in the traditional sense. In fact, great traditional stories would hardly have taught morality in the conventional sense. 

 storytelling is not about developing children's morals. The benefits of listening to a story are a bit different and that's it; Develops the ability to hear stories well: Who is a good listener? He, who listens to the last. We can't say that about most people. Until 1, even during formal arguments, people keep taunting each other. 

This is because the token has a habit of believing that they already know what the other person is going to say. Another reason is that they do not have the patience to listen. Not surprisingly, listening is no longer considered a skill, but a loneliness that high-level managerial and administrative courses have begun to promote. 

As we become accustomed to listening to the story and the attitudes towards it, the ability to listen patiently at a crucial stage of life develops. It is a bit strange that in our country, where competent oral tradition has been going on for a very long time, good listeners are becoming scarce. I believe this situation is related to the neglect of the story that took place in childhood.  It seems that modern India does not have time to tell children stories regularly.- LLF training module.

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