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Sunday, July 25, 2021

This video will remind you of your whole childhood

 Childhood days are the most important days of any person's life.  In childhood, all the people lead a worry-free life.  There is great pleasure in playing, jumping, eating and drinking.

 Love and caress of parents, grandparents and other elders are greatly appreciated.  Playing with the children of our age, walking with the family members, these are the main tasks.  Truly childhood days are very sweet and enjoyable.

 I remember many things from my childhood.  Some of these memories are dear and some are unpleasant.  Most of my childhood was spent in the village.  There was only one teacher in the village school.  They used to punish the children in many ways for not remembering the lesson.

 He also punished me for standing on one leg for half an hour in class one day.  At this point I was crying while many of my friends were laughing at me again and again.  I used to do many mischief in my childhood.

 During the holidays, playing gulli-danda throughout the day, making a bang with friends, plucking raw mangoes, throwing bricks, etc., climbing prickly plum trees, etc. were my favorite activities.  These works sometimes resulted in injury or scratches.  Father used to get scolded in the house but no worries 9 Next day this work started again.

 Someday he used to go to the field and uproot the raw brooms of gram, then the farmer used to get angry, he used to reprimand him and start running.  We children used to run away and hide in our respective houses.  Sometimes plucking someone's sugarcane and sometimes uprooting pea plants from the fields, don't know why it was a lot of fun in these activities  Once I went with my friend to take a bath in the village pond.

એકવખત અચૂક જોવા જેવો વિડીયો..તમને તમારૂ આખુ બચપણ યાદ અપાવી દેશે.....તમારા બાળકોને પણ જરૂર બતાવો

અહીંથી જુઓ વિડીયો

 There was no one else there at that time.  I could not swim.  But suddenly while taking a bath, I went a little down in the pond.  The water came up to the top of my head.  I panicked .  He drank several sips of water in an attempt to breathe.

Soon my friend supported me and pulled me out of the water.  In this way I narrowly survived.  The effect of this incident was that after that I never went to take a bath in the pond.  That's why I still can't swim.

 I still remember another incident from my childhood.  Those days my fourth class annual examination was going on.  The question of writing an essay on elephant came up in the Hindi exam.  In the course of writing the essay, I wrote four lines of the film song 'Chal-Chal Mere Hathi'.

 It was discussed throughout the school.  Teachers and parents all laughed and praised me.  But at that time I did not understand what I did good or bad.  In this way, there are many childhood memories that cannot be forgotten.  It is because of these sweet memories that there is a desire to become a child of five to seven years again.  But in childhood, where does anyone know that these are the golden days of his life.

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