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Monday, July 19, 2021

The game of finding the name of vegetables

 Vegetables are those edible roots, stems or leaves which are eaten by cooking on fire.  Green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard greens, safflower etc. are very beneficial for health.  Usually vegetables are cooked with spices and sourdough, but some green vegetables are washed and eaten raw.  Vegetables are a part of our daily routine and play an important role in our balanced diet.  By eating vegetables, we get plenty of protein, vitamins, iron and minerals etc.  Vitamin C is destroyed when vegetables are cooked for a long time.  We can also consume vegetables in the form of soup.


There are more than 80 vegetables found all over the world.  Few mint leaves provide relief in stomach ache.  Vegetables like cucumber, tomato, onion are also used as salad.  Everyone should eat all vegetables.  Vegetables are beneficial only for children, young and old and it keeps us full of freshness.  Consumption of vegetables helps in our physical and mental development, so we all should make all vegetables a part of our diet.


We are familiar with hundreds of names of vegetables.  We get it in the form of root, stem or leaves of plants which are cooked on fire and used as food.  Green vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, mustard greens, bean pods etc. are beneficial for our health.  Different methods are used to prepare vegetables.  It is cooked with various vegetable spices and sour substances.  But there are some green vegetables which are eaten raw instead of being cooked.  Vegetables have an important place in our life.  Vegetables are important in a balanced diet, which provide us with the amount of protein, vitamins, iron and minerals.  Due to which there is a balanced growth and development of our body.  Cooking vegetables over-cooked is not considered good for health.  If kept on heat for a long time, the vitamin elements get lost.  As an alternative to this, we can easily use soup.

શાકભાજી કોયડાના જવાબો

 More than 80 types of vegetables are sown and used around the world.  Many vegetables also have ayurvedic benefits.  Tomato Onion and Kheer are the main ones.  Mint leaves help to eliminate abdominal pain.  Every person should consume proper amount of green vegetables daily.  Green vegetables are beneficial for the health of men and women of all age groups and infuse energy and freshness in life.  The use of vegetables in the right amount in the diet chart throughout the week helps in maintaining good physical and mental health.  For all these reasons, we should make green vegetables an integral part of our diet.

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