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Monday, July 12, 2021

SMART PHONE TRICK, Does your phone hang too often? Get rid of these Usful tricks

Nowadays smartphone users are bothered by some problems, such as battery, smartphone hang etc. But the problem of most smartphone users is that the smartphone is going to hang. If your phone also hangs frequently, you can get rid of the tips shown here.

The first step in preventing your phone from hanging is to have at least one app on your phone. Keep the same application in the phone as required, this causes the phone to slow down.

This is how to solve the problem of a phone that hangs frequently

To do this, go to your phone's Google Play Store
Then click on the three dots in this
After clicking on it go to settings, and click on auto update option
After this three options will appear. From this you have to click on not auto update app
Doing so will not automatically update the apps in your phone, will only happen when you do, and will stop the phone from hanging.


Another way to prevent the phone from hanging .....
For this you have to go to mobile settings
After going to settings you click on About phone
You will now see the build number. Click on it 6-7 times
Click to go to Developer Options and turn it on
As soon as you turn on the developer option, many options will open up in front of you
From these options, Window Animation Zoom, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale, all three are turned off.

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There's a lot more to your smartphone than you might think: its user-friendly, smooth surface, there's all sorts of hiddan features and shortcuts that you can take advantage of, it will do more than the handset of your choice.

Okay, okay - your friends won’t be impressed unless you put your phone in thin air.

But these are all easy tips you can use to get the most out of your mobile, and raise eyebrows or two along the way.

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