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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sawere Khali pet Garam Pani pivana fayda Helth Tips

Sawere Khali pet Garam Pani pivana fayda Helth Tips

Sawere Khali pet Garam Pani pivana fayda

Teachers of Primary Education Federation Porbandar expressed their happiness by donating blood for the elimination of 4200 grade pay of primary teachers: -
Question about 4200 grade pay applicable to about 65000 teachers of the state was first agitated through the National Federation of Education and the application was given to the District Collector Shri. Teachers across the state have expressed happiness after a meeting was held with the government in this regard and a letter was sent by the education department on 11.12.2020.

Today Late on 13.12.2020 at Aboti Brahmo Samaj in Ranavav. On the occasion of the ninth Punya Tithi of Kanabhai Ramabhai Borichia, a huge blood donation was organized by the Borichia family. Member teachers of Primary Education Federation Porbandar were present in large numbers and performed a service like blood donation. Chairman C.R. Patil Saheb, Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Education Minister Shri Bhupandrasinh Chudasama, State Level Education Minister Vibhavariben Dave, National Federation of Education Gujarat State President Bhikhabhai Patel, General Secretary Shri Ratubhai Gol etc. have all expressed their gratitude.
Lakhabhai Chundavadra, President of Primary Education Federation Porbandar, Myursinh Rathod, Union Minister, Mansukhbhai Solanki, Publicity Minister, Manharsinh Dabi, Executive Member, Bhorasar Seam School, Ranavav, Chairman, Shubhas Bhuvash, etc.

A total of 43 bottles of blood have been collected in this blood donation camp. Which will be useful in meeting the need in the current Corona epidemic.
Dineshbhai Joshi, Harilal Borichia and others worked hard to make the camp a success.

Sawere Khali pet Garam Pani pivana fayda.

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