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Tuesday, July 20, 2021




GHARE SHIKHIYE 2.0 ANK 1 for std 1 to 8 gujarati medium by GCERT HELPFUL FOR home learning.

Subject: - Let's learn at home about sending soft copy of literature part 1 to schools. , Courtesy to state that the actual educational work in the academic year 2021-22 has not yet begun. Students are imparted online education through BISAG, Doordarshan G-SHALA as well as various mediums.

This is the reason why the students were given the same educational work last year as the actual educational work could not be started. Last year's 'Learn at Home' literature was made available to Part 1 to 4 students. This year too, Learn at Home: Part 1 is prepared for Std 1 to 8, which is available at website .

You can also download the given QR coda and learn at home for that standard ”Sahitya Part-1. Please send this detail to all teachers.
GHARE SHIKHIYE 2.0 ANK 1 STD 3,4,5The result of that mistake is obvious, listening to the story teaches guessing: children often want to hear the story they like. This is because once a story is introduced, children use it to test their growing ability to listen carefully to the story.

Naturally this verification happens inadvertently. The children enjoy watching the story for the second or third time so that they can make their own predictions about what will happen next. The joy of getting one's guess right is the reward that an experienced listener gets while listening to a story. And it's not just fun, it builds confidence in the child's ability to guess.

Such confidence plays a vital role in a child's overall development, especially in the development of reading ability. Reading ability is the biggest challenge for the first two standards of school. The role of estimation in the development of literacy and reading is discussed in detail in the book 'Bachche Ki Bhasha aur Adhyapak'.

The importance of estimation is also important in other subjects, especially mathematics and science. Solving a problem using rules is of theoretical importance in mathematics. Stories also have rules, so much so that those rules are metaphors. For example, the story of how a small animal manipulates a large animal to deceive and conquer is found in many stories.

GHARE SHIKHIYE 2.0 ANK 1 STD 6,7,8The same thing happens in the story of the rabbit and the lion. As the children listen to the stories, they grasp the rules and this grasp sharpens their ability to guess.

The story is an area of our world: I'm talking about the world we carry in our heads or minds. The story has an area to the world in the sense that through them we can identify people and situations with whom we are never going to connect.

The question is, what is the benefit of knowing such people and situations? The advantage is that it is an organ of life. All of this, even if we do not know it personally, it annoys us mentally. Especially in childhood and this annoyance lasts a lifetime in a way. For example, young children worry a lot about bad people. Even if there are no bad people around them!

Thus, they hope that they will have the opportunity to meet someone who is very smart, beautiful, and good. Imagination and fear of terrible trouble, both of which are ideally part of child psychology. - LLF training module.





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