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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Download math puzzle for Students

Students are taught about the subject of mathematics from the beginning.  Children find maths very difficult in the beginning.  But it is necessary to understand this subject.  If this topic is understood then this topic remains very easy.
 Puzzles are used to make children more interested in maths.  So that the interest of the children in maths will increase.  Information about Maths Puzzles (Maths Paheli in Hindi For Kids) is given in this article.  Today's article in which we are going to talk about maths puzzles.  Information about math puzzles for kids is given in this article.

 Math Puzzles for Kids |  Ganit ki Paheli
 Riddle: There are 10 mangoes lying in a vessel, out of which you have taken 4 mangoes, then tell how many mangoes will you have left?
 Answer: You will be left with 4 because you took 4 mangoes from the pot.

 Riddle: A farmer has 15 sheep but all but 7 die.  So how many sheep are left with the farmer now?
 Answer: 7 is left because everyone dies except 7.
 Riddle: 2 fathers and 2 sons went to a hotel for dinner.  If each ate food worth Rs 70, then how much would have to be paid in total?
 Answer: 70×3 = Rs.210, because there were only 3 people – grandfather, father and grandson.

 Riddle: Gupta used to deposit Rs 100 on his every birthday.  When he counted the money on his 60th birthday, there was only 1500 rupees.  Why so?
 Answer: Because his birthday used to come on 29th February.  60÷4=15 ×100 =1500

 Riddle: There were 10 mangoes in a basket, Bholu called 10 of his friends and gave each one a mango, yet there was only one mango left in the basket, tell me how?
 Answer: Bholu first gave mangoes to 9 friends but finally gave the basket to the 10th, so 1 mango remained in the basket.
 Riddle: A man was going by car, on the way a woman asked for a lift, after going ahead the woman started getting down, then the man asked her name?  So the woman said, 'Which is your car's number, my name is in it'.  What would the woman's name be if the car number was WV733N.
 Answer: The girl's name will be Neelam.  If you reverse the car number WV733N you will find NEELAM written.

 Riddle: You ran a race of 500 meters and you overtook the third ranked racer, what number did you reach?  think dude
 Answer: Third, you have overtaken the third ranked racer and came in his place.

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