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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Children's favorite Discovery Channel now in mobile

Many topics related to environment, social science and science can be easily explained to children.

Learn to live in the pursuit of life, not in opposition. Life is uncertain and the uncertainty of life means that anything can happen anywhere and anytime here.

Every creature that came here is nothing more than just a few days' worth of guests, so live life in laughter, not in violence. Live this four-day life with love, not with tyranny.

Life is for fun, so don't make fun of it, live happily. Learn to live in this world by sharing, not by sharing. Life is like a harp, when it comes to playing, joy is bliss

There can be no other spiritual practice in life than discharging one's duty sincerely. That sadhana cannot be said to be the best at all, which is done to avoid the discharge of duty. Leaving the house and sitting in the caves is not a big deal, but it is a big deal to do the duty while staying at home.

It was the duty for which Lord Rama left Ayodhya and Lord Krishna left Vrindavan. One cannot give up duty for the sake of the house, but the home can be sacrificed for the sake of duty.

If devotees like Shabari, Kewat and Nishad continue to engage in their duty, then Shri Ram will have to leave Ayodhya and go to the forest to give him darshan.

Parents have recently stepped in to reduce private school fees or waive fees. Does brother reduce work fees? Parents who pay a fee of millions of rupees have to pay a heavy fee for three months? Why does the government pay your fees? The government has provided you with free education in government schools. Your child will be admitted there and given such books and uniforms. But you have to be content with spending money. I want to take pride in sitting in the society and paying two lakh fee for my son. So the charge of taking pride must be given. You also have to pay for their cleaning if you don't want to teach your child to do sanjwari or do it on their own. There is also a charge for watering the garden or planting two or four seedlings. If your boys don't like lunch, you have to pay the canteen bill. If your boy can't walk one km, pay the vehicle fare. Parents who use the money to buy teachers and the school can expect respect and humility from their parents. It will be possible to make a child who has gone through this whole process self-reliant, right?
What is education today? Just tear two four English sentences. Speaks two or three English poems! The difference between the power of remembrance and knowledge is not known. Even those who do not know two sentences of English were in the six-member committee to welcome Padma Shri Bhikhudanbhai Donald Trump. On the second day of the 12th standard result, we must read the press. A rickshaw boy third on board.  The son of a housemaid is second on the board, the driver's daughter is in Topten, the farmer's son is fourth on the board as well as the farmer's son, usually the parents are more important than their own status and their own unfulfilled dreams. How can my son and the son of a rickshaw puller study in the same school at the present time? The mentality that our rich children go to expensive schools created a business in education. And the government should also tax this open trade now and include it in the definition of trade. Tax revenue.
Today's parents do not allow the child to have a single struggle. If 100 educated and 100 uneducated parents are surveyed, the success ratio of uneducated parents will be higher. Because educated men decide for themselves what to teach a child and what not to teach.
Education teaches the art of living life. Not just making money! Sushant Rajput used to earn Rs 160 crore a year if he was running on empty money. If your child is depressed two marks less than the other child, then understand that we are a complete failure in education. Teaching teaches digesting success and enduring failure. This will be possible only when the laborer's son eats pasta from the lunchbox of the son of a laden factory owner. If a factory boy eats two or four ravanas from a laborer's bag. How to survive in every situation is learned only when studying with a different student. Not by studying among students of the same cadre. Percentage is required to come but not to compete with another child. The one who brings ninety percent doesn't like to sit with Maman and talk. Having failed in ten bars and not becoming a doctor, they have now become Class One to officers and can raid a hospital with this ninety percent.
If we spend half of the money we spend on private school and half the time we spend on school in our village, our children will study but the poor children of our village will also be able to study. But it is a different matter if he teaches in private out of jealousy.



Ants: A soap company in the US built a laser machine worth Rs 1.5 crore to sort out empty boxes without soap during soap packing. Our Ragha brought an old fan of Mandap Service and left it empty.

Many topics related to environment, social science and science can be easily explained to children.

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