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Sunday, July 25, 2021



Princess Priya, on her horse, Priya Princess rode the poor young man and started walking in the forest. Delivered to her hut with her mother. The mind was a little happy. While walking in the forest, the young man and Annie's mothar saw the princess so much that a young man lovingly fed her old mother. Thank you so much for going over his shoulder. Believed.

Priya asked the young man, "Why did you, Princess Priya, say, 'You are taking my mother to my wedding like this?' So what is the problem of wanting a prince of a palace? ”No. I like you! Did you say to my youth, “My mother was sick. Will you marry Vaidyaji? He was taken for treatment. There is no money, the young man said with a smile, "Yes, I also have no work or business.

Unfortunately you liked the medicine. At first glance! I did too. Going to our house now! I am the prince of the neighboring kingdom! Disguisad, Princess Priya said, "I serve the people on you! You are also very good proud! You are a princess serving your mother! Are doing! Young people like you are nowhere to be found.

બે માથાં અને બે પગ,
જાણે એને આખું જગ,
જે કોઈ આવે એની વચમાં,
કપાઈ જાય એની કચકચમાં

જવાબ / કાતર

Tears of happiness flowed from Priya's eyes. You rode your mother on my horse. Priya Dad - Dad cried! Let it settle. Let us both take your mother to the beloved home of her beloved daughter Hemkhem Raja! They were very happy to marry the prince. And Priya became a sweet fairy like the princess before. Near Gokulnathji Temple, Dr. Behind Nathabhai's dispensary, Modasa-214 Vidya is the key to human rites and irrigation.

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