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Saturday, July 18, 2020


Russia, now good news for this country after America, this drug will prove to be a game changer in Corona

dexamethasone trial final results confirm benefits and risks about covid 19
corona virus

News of relief has come from Britain amid the Corona virus. The first final report of a large randomized clinical trial of dexamethasone steroids has come to light. The drug has improved coronavirus condition, according to a report released Friday.
  •      A total of 2104 coronaviruses were selected for drug detection
  •      The prescribed dose of the drug was given for 10 days
  •      Mortality was reduced after 4 weeks.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Friday found that the drug had a positive effect on high-risk patients. A good effect has been observed in patients on a ventilator. However giving this drug to patients in the first stage is life threatening.


A total of 2104 coronaviruses have been selected for the detection of this drug. Who was given a fixed dose of the drug for 10 days. Mortality was reduced after 4 weeks.

After 28 days, the researchers concluded that administering the drug to patients on a ventilator reduced the risk of death by 36 percent. While the risk of patients receiving oxygen without a mechanical ventilator is 18 percent. Notably, the effect of the drug was found to be benign in patients living without oxygen. This means that the drug can be a game changer in critically ill patients.

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