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Wednesday, July 22, 2020


  • There were 671 darshans on Tuesday, with 28,770 people dying from the corona

    On Tuesday, Maharashtra had the highest death toll in the country at 8,336 and the state at 246

New Delhi. The number of corona patients in the country is 11 lakh 95 thousand 674 hours. If the guide is named after Health Secretary Satyendra Jain, a CIRO survey will now be conducted every month.


 The survey will be conducted between the 1st of the month. Most people live the sample. He said the decline in corona in Delhi is also a tragedy of one person at the capital rate of siro sarva.


According to the Indian Council for Medical Research, 47 lakh 24 thousand 546 cases have been reported in 1 village till July 21. In addition, 3 lakh 43 thousand 243 samples have been tested in the last 24 hours.

In 20 days, the transition rate in India increased by 65%, more than two and a half times more than in the US, with 20% of the world's cases being reported in India every day.

 Carona's figures were released by the Union Health Ministry on Wednesday morning. Krishna, 37 thousand 724 cases have come in the last 24 hours. At the same time 648 people die. With this, the total number of signals in the country is 11 lakh 92 thousand 915 hours. Out of which 4 lakh 11 thousand 133 are active cases. 7 lakh 53 thousand 50 people have a sea book. So far 28 thousand 732 people have died in the country.


 This year the women’s visit to Uttar Pradesh is in keeping with the sign of Corona and reveals guidelines for the sacrifice of Bakrids and animals in the month of Shravan. President Koro has also ordered religious sites for fear of transition. This article is not in a solemn process.

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 If the agitating government is considering opening schools on September 5, it may have said that the final decision is on September 1. At a time when the corona is in position.

More than 35,000 cases were reported on Tuesday for the fourth day in a row. 39 thousand 172 new ones have been issued in the last 24 hours. However, in Rahul Samachar, 27,589 people recovered and were discharged from the hospital. This is the biggest figure by the end of the day.


 Earlier, on July 20, more than 24,000 303 people had recovered. So far 7 lakh 52 thousand 393 people are Sagaru Bukia. The place of these issues is website number.

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