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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


The total number of new cases of corona in Gujarat on Monday was 998 which touched the figure of around 1000. This is the largest number of new cases reported in 24 hours so far. With this, a total of 49,439 cases have been reported in Gujarat, out of which 11,613 patients are active i.e. currently undergoing treatment. A total of 12 MLAs have been crowned in Gujarat so far.


Out of the 20 patients registered in Gujarat on Monday, the death toll from corona has risen to 2,167. At present the death rate in Gujarat is 38.3838 percent. The highest death toll of 10 was recorded in Surat city on Monday, three in Ahmedabad city, 2-2 in Navsari and Vadodara city while 1-1 death was reported in rural Ahmedabad, rural Surat and Navsari district.

A total of 7,777 patients recovered and went home, bringing the total to 65,999. The current recovery rate in Gujarat is 13.13%. For every one lakh population, 8,081 samples have been tested in Gujarat and a total of 5.48 lakh samples have been tested so far. While 8.88 lakh people are quarantined

Highlight Of Last Week


Corona's care has now reached politicians. Both BJP and Congress MLAs have become coronaries. Late on Monday evening, Surat MLA and secretary Puneesh Modi was also a victim of Corona. His entire family i.e. his two brothers, siblings and their personal assistant are under treatment. 

Earlier, BJP's Kishore Chauhan, Balram Thawani, Jagdish Panchal and Ketan Inamdar, V.D. Jhalawadia and Minister Raman Patkar were the victims of Corona, while Congress' Imran Khedawala, Niranjan Patel, Kanti Khardi, Chirag Kalaria and Ganiben Thakor were reportedly the victims of Corona. However, many of them have recovered. In addition, corporators from several cities were also affected.

  • 1000 new cases in the state, 20 deaths in 24 hours, 37840 new cases have been found in the country
    • There were 49,439 cases with 998 cases on Monday, a total of 2,167 deaths with 20 deaths 
  • The highest death toll on Monday was 10 in Surat, 2-2 in Navsari-Vadodara
    The well-being of 7,777 patients

Corona Saurashtra Live / Rajkot reported 45 cases and 5 deaths, 26 cases and 1 death in Bhavnagar, 7 cases in Amreli and 3 cases in Gondal.

Rajkot. Corona cases are on the rise across Saurashtra, including Rajkot. In Rajkot today, 45 positive cases have been reported. The number of positive cases in Rajkot city has reached 698. While 5 people have died from corona. At the same time, 3 cases of Corona in Gondal and 7 cases in Amreli have been reported positive.

So the health department is apprehensive. Following the positive report of Pintubhai Jitubhai Gosai (U.V. 22) of Kanpar village of Jasdan, necessary action has been taken by the Tantra. Pintubhai came from Surat only yesterday and was given a quick test today. A further 26 cases have been reported in Bhavnagar city today.

  •     26 cases were reported in Bhavnagar

The positive score of Corona in Bhavnagar district has crossed one thousand today. 26 positive cases have been reported from Bhavnagar city today, including 17 men and 9 women. As well as one death and 11 patients have been discharged. A total of 665 positive cases have been reported in Bhavnagar city. Of these, 370 discharges, 15 deaths and 280 patients are under treatment.
  •     33 cases positive, 5 deaths in Rajkot

Another 33 positive cases have been reported in Rajkot today. A 60-year-old man from Parsana Nagar, a 60-year-old man from near Chunarwad Chowk, a 62-year-old man from Keshod and a 60-year-old man died while undergoing treatment at the Civil Hospital. A 33-year-old woman from Bajrangwali died while undergoing treatment at a private hospital.
  •     2 cases have been reported positive in Gondal

1 more case has come positive in Gondal taluka today. Shaktisinh Ghanshyamsinh Vaghela, 35, of Shivrajag of Gondal and Thakurdas Gulabdas Vasani (age 56) of Gondal have reported positive corona.
  •     7 positive cases have been reported in Amreli district

In Amreli district today 7 more cases have been reported positive. So the total number of positive cases in the district has reached 243. 138 cases are on leave, 16 deaths and 59 cases are active.

  • Coronavirus / Today there will be a total of 50 thousand corona patients in Gujarat, a total of 12 legislators in the state's corona

  •     The Rajkot Municipal Corporation fined 515 people for not wearing masks

CoronaVirus In India Live News And Updates Of 20th july

The Rajkot Municipal Corporation has recovered more than Rs 1 lakh from 515 people who were not wearing masks. Teams have been deployed in all 18 wards of Rajkot by the Corporation of India and those who do not wear masks are being fined.
  •     Contact tracing was conducted by the health department

A team from the health department has undertaken the task of quarantining and contacting people who have come in contact with Koro patients. At the same time, action is being taken to clean up the area where the corona is positive.

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