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Monday, July 20, 2020


  • Corona 2 Gujarat / Corona quarantine numbers in Gujarat are close to 2 lakh 

In the last 4 months in the state, 16 cases of corona every hour and 12 patients succeeded to bead corona

in gujarat 3,96,393 people quarantine while 17th july quarantined 18,417 in a single day 

  • The number of quarantines is also increasing in Gujarat along with the Corona case.
  1.     18,417 quarantined in a single day on the 17th
  2.     The number of currentized individuals reached 1,07,342 in the last 12 days

Ahmedabad. The number of Koro cases in Gujarat is increasing day by day, and the total number of cases has reached 50 thousand. About 4 lakh people were quarantined in Gujarat yesterday. While more than 1 lakh people have been quarantined in the last 12 days. A total of 3, 6, 333 people were quarantined in the state yesterday, according to details released by the state health department. 


Whereas 12 days ago i.e. on 8th July the number of quarantine was 2,89,051. Thus the highest quarantine in the last 12 days was 18,417 in a single day on July 17, while 13,444 people were quarantined on July 19 yesterday.

Thus the number of quarantines has increased by 1,07,342 in the last 12 days i.e. from 8th July to 19th July. It also added 10869 on July 15, 18,417 July and 13,444 different quarantines on July 19.

4 months of corona in Gujarat / 16 cases of corona every hour in last 4 months in the state, 12 patients managed to kill corona, let every hour, 1 death per hour


  •     From March 19 to April 19, 2 cases were reported every hour
  •     From April 20 to May 19, 14 cases were reported every hour
  •     From May 20 to June 19, 19 cases were reported every hour
  •     From June 20 to July 19, 31 cases were reported every hour

Ahmedabad. It entered Gujarat on March 19 under the shadow of Koro and by July 19, the contagious disease had spread to all the districts of the state. A lockdown was also announced to stop the transmission of Corona, but despite the gradual increase in Corona cases in the state even after Unlock was implemented, the transmission of Corona has been steadily increasing. 

Corona has been in the state for 2904 hours from March 19 to July 19. A total of 48,441 cases, 2,147 deaths and 34,882 patients have been discharged. This means that as many as 16 people are infected with the virus every hour in 2904 hours of corona in the state. As many as 12 patients per hour have succeeded in corona injection. While a patient of Corona has lost his life in 2904 hours in Corona. 

  • In the 30 days from June 19 to July 19, 22,243 cases were reported

patients are in stable condition.


With the implementation of Unlock-1 in June and Unlock-2 in July, the number of Corona cases in the state is increasing exponentially. 

In the last seven days, more than 900 cases have been reported every day. In the 30 days from June 19 to July 19, 22,243 cases have been reported in the state and 528 patients have died. While 16,715 patients have been discharged. During the 720 hours of this period, an average of 31 new patients were registered every hour in the state while 23 patients were discharged. So every day and in half an hour the patient loses the fight against the corona.

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