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Friday, July 17, 2020


The highest number of 35,468 cases came in 24 hours, 22,867 were cured, 680 people died

Exactly 120 days ago in Maharashtra, on March 17, the first death was due to corona infection. The figure has now crossed 11,000 in the state. An average of 93 people die here every day. If we talk about the whole country, the total cases of transition have become 10 lakh 5 thousand 878. 

The only relief is that most patients are recovering. In the last one week, more than 2.10 lakh cases have been reported, but more than 1.40 lakh people have recovered in the meantime. The number of infected (active cases) has increased by only 65 thousand 881.


The highest number of 8,641 cases came from Maharashtra, followed by 4549 patients from Tamil Nadu


There has been an increase of 35 thousand 468 cases in the last 24 hours. Record 22 thousand 834 patients were recovered and 680 patients died. These figures are as per

Indian pharma company Zydus Cadila has approved a clinical trial for the treatment of heart disease with its drug pegged interferon alpha-2b. The approval was granted by Coffepris, a Mexico-based regulatory authority. The company said it has also sought trial approval from the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).

In view of the growing case of corona in Ahmedabad, a team from the Center has come on a visit. The team includes ICMR Director General Dr. There are 4 members including Balram Bhargava, RIM Guleria, Director of AIIMS.

In this regard, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also expressed concern over the rising number of cases of Koro transition. He tweeted that there would be more than 20 lakh cases in the country by August 10

Bihar: The pace of transition in the state has almost doubled in the last six days.

8-10 thousand tests are being taken every day in the state. The number of tests per 10 lakh population is 2907, while the number of transition cases per population is 181. 700 cases are coming here till July 11 1300 to 1400 cases are coming here from last 13 days.


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