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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Surygrahan 21 june 2020

Surygrahan 21 june 2020

Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind Namaskar dear friends, my name is Suresh Shrimali On 21st June a Solar Eclipse will take place in the Mrigashrisha Nakshatra during Amavasya tithi in Krishna Paksha I welcome you all to this special episode When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, we see this eclipse in the form of a brilliant ring which is called as "the ring of fire" and we will see this spectacle on the 21st of June this eclipse will happen in the Gemini zodiac and at the same time there will be the formation of Jadatvya dosh due to Rahu and Mercury Before this, the last eclipse of Sun had come on the 26th December 2019 and then immediately after that China had informed the WHO about the emergence of corona virus Now a thought is emerging that the last Solar eclipse had shaken the world and millions lost their lives or become homeless so will the eclipse of 21st June be as bad. I will now shed light on this During this eclipse which is going to happen in Gemini, Mars will be present in the Pisces and will be watching over Sun, Mercury, Moon and Rahu which will create an inauspicious situation This will create lots of disturbance in the world and the retrograde of 5 planet too warns us of difficult times Now have a look at what you will be seeing during the time, you are  watching this episode There are three class of thoughts with regards to a eclipse but first we will see where all the eclipse of the sun is mentioned after that we will know where all will we be able to see this Solar eclipse Is there a connection between Shri Ram and this eclipse What had Aryabhatt and Einstein said about the Solar eclipse

 सूर्यग्रहण विशे नी तमाम गुजराती माहिती माटे यहां दबाये

 सूर्यग्रहण live देखे यहां

 🔶 Solar Eclipse 2020 timings: Area-wise

Jaipur              10:14 AM       11:55 AM       1:44 PM          91

Japal                10:15 AM       11:56 AM       1:44 PM          59

Jodhpur           10:08 AM       11:47 AM       1:35 PM          91

Kandla            09:59 AM       11:35 AM       1:24 PM          85

K’kumari        10:17 AM       11:41 AM       1:15 PM          33

Kochi              10:10 AM       11:38 AM       1:17 PM          40

Kolkata           10:46 AM       12:35 PM        2:17 PM          72

Leh                  10:29 AM       12:06 PM        1:47 PM          87

Lucknow         10:26 AM       12:11 PM        1:58 PM          88

Mt. Abu          10:05 AM       11:44 AM       1:34 PM          87

Mumbai          10:00 AM       11:37 AM       1:27 PM          70

Naini Tal         10:25 AM       12:08 PM        1:54 PM          96

Nanded            10:11 AM       11:53 AM       1:42 PM          66

22:32 (IST)20 Jun 2020

New Delhi       10:19 AM       12:01 PM        1:48 PM          95

Port Blair        11:15 AM       12:53 PM        2:18 PM          39

Pune                10:02 AM       11:40 AM       1:30 PM          67

Rajkot             09:59 AM       11:35 AM       1:25 PM          82

Shilong            10:57 AM       12:46 PM        2:24 PM         83

Srinagar          10:23 AM       11:59 AM       1:40 PM          86

Trivandrum     10:14 AM       11:39 AM       1:15 PM          35

Udaipur           10:07 AM       11:47 AM       1:36 PM          86

22:31 (IST)20 Jun 2020
Solar Eclipse June 21: Timings in India

Here's when you will be able to see solar eclipse in your area. The following are the areas and timings for this year's annual solar eclipse. 

Agra                10:19 AM       12:02 PM        1:50 PM          90

Ahmedabad     10:03 AM       11:41 AM       1:32 PM          82

Amritsar          10:19 AM       11:57 AM       1:41 PM          94

Bengaluru       10:12 AM       11:47 AM       1:31 PM          47
Bhuj                09:58 AM       11:33 AM       1:23 PM          86
Chennai           10:22 AM       11:58 AM       1:41 PM          46
Dibrugarh       11:07 AM       12:54 PM        2:29 PM          89
Gawahati         10:57 AM       12:45 PM        2:24 PM          84
Hyderabad      10:14 AM       11:55 AM       1:44 PM          60
Indore              10:10 AM       11:51 AM       1:42 PM          78
22:03 (IST)20 Jun 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020: Locations, timings for annular eclipse
Tomorrow during annual solar eclipse the Moon will cover about 99.5 per cent area of the Sun. These are the locations that will be annual solar eclipse tomorrow according to Nehru Planetarium. 

Dehra Dun      10:24 AM       12:05 PM        1:50 PM          14.0
Gharsana         10:12 AM       11:50 AM       1:36 PM          29.8
Kalanka           10:28 AM       12:10 PM        1:55 PM          28.0
Kurukshetra    10:21 AM        12:01 PM        1:47 PM          30.4
 I will also tell you ten predictions which will be very important in your lives In our special research on eclipse we will know how whenever a Solar eclipse happened there were calamities throughout the world we have done a research to kind out those dates when this eclipse happened and what happened during those periods I would advise you to see this research Most of us start thinking negatively the moment we hear the word eclipse but why such a thought arises - no one knows therefore we have done a research based program to know weather your thought on eclipse is right or wrong Is has been usually seen that during any eclipse, negative energies become more active We have spent a lot of time and effort to prepare this program for you as our research got deeper we came across many surprising facts we saw calamities happening on the day of the solar eclipse calamities happening within 7 days of  the sighting of the solar eclipse and calamities happening within 25 and 35 days. There is such a long list which will surprise you Now let's begin- there are three types of thoughts with regard to the solar eclipse One of them are the Astronomers they are those who are constantly watching and studying  what's happening in space and then taking forward their research Secondly those who follow the Hindu scriptures and worship the Sun those who believe the Sun to be the voice of our souls those who believe Sun to be like their father it is Sun its self which gives life and is virtually God for us and such people hold fasts, conduct prayers and donate during such Solar eclipse and they have acquired this knowledge from their ancestors and thirdly, those who spend less time on discussing on an subject and spend more time arguing such people like to talk and discuss their point of view but if someone talks of the Hindu culture then they term it as old fashioned, having blind faith and give it many other names these people are those who do not believe in Indian culture and have more faith in western culture It thing to lament now is that most of the younger generation of today are giving more importance to the thoughts and words of the third kind of people and they tend to forget that its their ancestors and their parents who have practiced this culture successfully But if you think carefully, the older generation lived a peaceful and harmonious life whereas people with this modern culture are neither happy nor are able to lead a harmonious life in fact they are sadder Now i am sharing some information related to the solar eclipse

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