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Monday, June 22, 2020



The atmosphere in Gujarat has suddenly changed. It is feared that on the 4th and 5th of June, Dwarka, Okha and Morbi in Gujarat will become hurricanes towards Kutch. At that time, the atmosphere of Gujarat has completely changed. Cloudy instead of cloudy. So many districts have received heavy rains, and many districts have been hit by Kaladibang clouds. If this depression takes the form of a hurricane, it will pass through Dwarka and sweep Kandla and surrounding areas of Kutch. The same wind is blowing on many beaches of Saurashtra. Seeing this, signal number 1 has been put on the ports.






DATE –  04-08-2020

DATE –  03-08-2020



DATE –  02-08-2020

DATE –  01-08-2020


DATE –  31-7-2020

DATE –  30-7-2020

DATE –  29-07-2020


DATE – 28-07-2020


DATE – 27-07-2020



DATE – 26-07-2020


DATE – 25-07-2020


DATE  – 24-07-2020


DATE – 23-07-2020



DATE – 22-07-2020




DATE – 21-06-2020







DATE – 20-06-2020






DATE – 19-06-2020






DATE – 18-06-2020






DATE – 17-06-2020






DATE – 16-06-2020






DATE – 15-06-2020




Do you agree that as soon as the children are able to work, then they should share in the domestic work? If yes, then for what reasons do you intend to do so? And elaborate some concrete reasons and experiences of your intention.

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Often the household work has to be done by the housewife in every house, due to which she also gets tired. I believe that when the children grow up to work, then they should join hands with the father and mother in household chores. This helps them to learn work and helps parents and parents will reduce fatigue.

Over time the children grow up and the parents get older. Apart from old age weakness, many diseases such as BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc. also surround the elderly parents. This reduces their ability to work. If children are helped, then the work is easily dealt with, otherwise the elderly parents have to struggle alone which is against humanity.

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