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Thursday, June 25, 2020

shala kyare khulshe official MHRD

shala kyare khulshe official MHRD 


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Ministry of Human Resource Development for the year 2020-21 Issued a special outline for NCERT[/caption]

Ministry of Human Resource Development for the year 2020-21 Issued a special outline f

Decisions and results of setting up of the basic essence and regulatory mission under 'Aa Manbhar Bharat'

(Lung Outcome) In view of the focus of 'Sam Sha' towards the angle, it is necessary that
The NCERT should develop the necessary resources to implement it effectively and in a timely manner. Herewith

There will be a path of improvement in the subject of learning and learning. Knock it down
The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Kuli School and Saratta Department (DoSEL) has given the NCERT the year 2020-2021

On the basis of priority, it is directed to do the following:Shana results (LO)

For implementation of the test results for Grade 1-10 prepared by NCERT:

i. Ephsophics / for every subject and for each grade
Potters / Wastes to be completed - from 1 to 5 October, 2020; Of 6 to 12

To March, 2021.

ii. Online Training Palm for each grade teacher - in different stages from 1 to 5

December 10, 2020; 6 to 12 of various phases till 2021.

iii. For any condition related to digital / online panch facility, in Kovad-19 period.
Prepare Supplementary / Alternative Academic Training Materials for Pam - Different Steps from 1 to 5

Madasambara, till 2020; 6 to 12 of various phases till 2021.

iv. To measure each sex output of each year for each grade at least two levels of proficiency
At least 10 items / will be prepared from each - from 1 to 5 by November 2020; remainder
March for 2021.

v. Handpots have been identified by NCERT based on NAS, 2017. Handpots are simple and
The ferrule will be prepared for painting - from 1 to 5 December, 2020; For balance
Mach, by 2021.

ew National Palm Trek (NCF)

New National Palmistry (NCF) has also been started for school education. It is being hacked

NCERT will change the Papak as per the new NCF. This particular topic for school education
Will begin and report interim by December 2020.

While giving a new swap to the sinner, it will be ensured that only the sinner is the main semiti. Its
Apart from this, one thing is also that the information related to hackers is extremely high. Other topics such as creator
There is a need to integrate thinking, life skills, Indian ethos, art, and integration, etc.
NCERT should also start working on the layout and design of the new Papakt.
Will give. However, the new papak will be written on the basis of the new NCF. New NCF Mach ready by 2021
Hope to be done.NCERT for 'PM e-Wa' under 'Aa Manbhar Bharat' for self channel (1 channel of 1)
It is also expected to prepare the content for 12 and to start the channel till the beginning of this year
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