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Friday, June 26, 2020

Rather than downloading a gaming app without thinking on the Google Play Store, it may be an app with a data-stealing virus

  • Antivirus and Internet security company Avast identified 17 apps containing the virus
  • This app hides its icon after it is downloaded to the device. The app's ads can't be skipped

Apps with Trojan virus have come up again on Google Play Store. Antivirus and Internet security company Avast reports that 17 apps on the Play Store are stealing user data through advertisements. The company had earlier told Google about 47 such apps, of which Google has eliminated 30 apps.

According to Avast, these 17 data-stealing apps are in the gaming category on the Play Store. However, its main function is to steal user data. This app hides its icon after it is downloaded to the device. The app's ads can't be skipped.

Avast identified 47 Trojan apps


Avast's team identified 47 Trojan apps on the Play Store. Google removed 30 apps from it. According to Avast threat operation analyst Jakub Weaver, a timer starts when users download these Trojan apps. The user can only play the game in it for a certain period of time. When the timer expires, the app icon disappears and then the app displays ads without the user's permission, which cannot be skipped.

Trojan apps currently available on the Play Store

Some of the 17 Trojan apps released by Avast are still available on the Play Store. These include Skateboard New, Find Hidden Differences, Spot Hidden Differences, Tony Shoot New and Stacking Guys.


How to identify Trojan apps?

The icons of these apps do not appear in the phone, so they cannot be uninstalled directly. It can be uninstalled by identifying the app's icon by going to the app manager in the phone's settings.


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