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Sunday, June 21, 2020

India’s big success against Corona, the drug will be available in the market from Monday

India’s big success against Corona, the drug will be available in the market from Monday

Corona virus is on the rise in the country. All sorts of efforts were being made by the government to stem the rising tide of corona but every attempt failed. However news of relief to stop the corona virus is coming. Pharma company Glenn Mark claims to have discovered a cure for the corona virus and the drug will be on the market from Monday.

The world is currently fighting a war against Corona, but so far no country has succeeded in defeating Corona. The corona virus is constantly spreading and putting people to sleep. The pharma company in Teva has made a big claim, in which they have said that a drug has been invented to fight corona and the course of the drug will be 10 to 15 days. The drug will be kept in all markets on Monday and is priced at Rs 130 which even a poor man can buy. However this drug is named Fabipiravar.
Ahmedabad. Amidst the fight against corona virus, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals will now be used to treat corona patients. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has also received approval from the government’s drug regulator. Patients with mild symptoms of corona can now be medicated with Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Glenmark Pharma said the company has introduced the antiviral drug Favipiravir under the brand name Fabiflu for the treatment of patients suffering from corona virus. Glenmark was approved on June 19 by the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization for the production and marketing of favipiravir or fabiflu.
A tablet costs Rs 103
Patients with mild to moderate symptoms may benefit from the use of Fabiflu, the company said. The cost of this drug is Rs. 103 per tablet. While a strip of 34 tablets costs Rs. 3500 has been determined. The drug will be available in hospitals and medical stores on prescription basis. The recommended dose is 1800 mg twice daily for 1 day, followed by 800 mg twice daily for 14 days.
Clinical trials yielded good results
During clinical trials, Fabiflu has shown an encouraging response in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients, said Glenn Seldenha, chairman and managing director of Glenmark Pharma. Moreover, it is given orally, so it is a more convenient treatment option than other intravenous drugs. Glenmark will work closely with the government and the medical community to make Fabiflu quickly accessible to patients across the country.
Corona increased pressure on the healthcare system
“This approval comes at a time when corona cases are on the rise in India and this has put a lot of pressure on our healthcare system,” said Glenn Seldenha. We hope that effective treatment like Fabiflu will help reduce this pressure and patients will get timely treatment.

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Another 539 positive cases of corona virus were reported in Gujarat
Corona virus cases are on the rise in Gujarat. The epidemic, which spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan, has infected millions of people around the world. There have been 539 new cases of corona virus in the state. Another 20 people have lost their lives due to the epidemic. At the same time, the number of corona virus positive cases in the state has risen to 26,737.
In Gujarat, 1,639 people have lost their lives due to corona virus. Ahmedabad has the highest death toll at 1,312. While 126 people have lost their lives in Surat, 47 in Vadodara, 13 in Bhavnagar, 15 in PanchmPanchmahal, 13 in Anand.

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