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Saturday, June 13, 2020


Corona epidemic / more than 50,000 infected world in critical condition, second highest in India after US

The condition of more than 50,000 infected people in the world is serious, with India having the second highest number of such patients after the United States

Russia has the best recovery rate among the countries with more than 300,000 infected people, India ranks second in this regard.

  •     India is the fourth deadliest country in the world, followed by Brazil

New Delhi. India now ranks second only to the United States in the number of critically ill people infected with the corona virus. Severe patients include people who are fighting corona on a ventilator or even oxygen support. The number of such patients in the United States is 16 thousand 827 while in India the figure is 8 thousand 944. These figures are as per As of Friday, Brazil was second with 8,318 serious cases. 10 days ago, on June 3, India was ranked 7th. The fact that India has come second in just ten days shows that the number of critically ill patients in India is increasing.
  • Russia's recovery rate is the best

Russia has the best recovery rate among the countries with more than 3 million infected patients. The number of people recovering here is higher than the number of infected people. Russia's recovery rate is 51.97 percent. In this case, India ranks second with a recovery rate of 49.34 per cent.
  • The number of healthy patients in England is no longer disclosed

The number of patients recovering from coronary heart disease in England has been very low since the beginning. As of May 2, 32.9 per cent of patients in England had died, according to a BBC report. 20.7 percent of patients were in the ICU. The number of patients discharged from there to the general ward was 44.1 per cent and the number of fully discharged patients was 2.3 per cent. Then there is no information about the number of healthy patients.
  • The highest number of deaths per day in Brazil
Brazil currently has the highest number of deaths in the world every day. A day earlier, 1261 people had been killed. Second is America. There are 1000 people dying every day. India ranks fourth in this regard. More than 350 people are dying every day in India. Pakistan has also been included in the list of 10 countries with the highest death toll. More than 100 people are dying there every day. 

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