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Friday, May 22, 2020

Touchable QR Code Pdf Download Std 6 to 8

Touchable QR Code Pdf Download Std 6 to 8
The effective use of Technology in Education has changed the face of education and it has created more educational opportunities. Both teachers and students have benefited from various educational
technologies, teachers have learned how to integrate technology in their classrooms and students are getting more interested in learning with technology.
The use of technology in education has removed educational boundaries, both students and
teachers can collaborate in real time using advanced educational technologies. Online education is flexible and affordable. Students can learn during their free time. Its main use is to enable students learn better through increasing their engagement in educational activities. ICTs are making dynamic change in society.
They are influencing all aspects of life. The influences are felt more and more at schools .
Modern information and communication technologies, such as mobile technologies and Quick
Response (QR) codes, have great potential to improve teaching and learning because mobile technologies enable learning across multiple contexts.
In other words, learners can learn anytime and anywhere and learning can be personalized, situated and authentic. With QR codes, teachers can create customized guidebooks for individual field studies and that students can learn more effectively because the code only contains information that is relevant to the matter at hand. In other words, QR codes support a variety of teaching practices enriched traditional teaching methods and classroom learning.


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